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All With a Key: Part 4

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"What was that thing?" asked James. He was trembling all over from the shock. We were standing by the old shack. "I don't know, but I don't think my pocket is the safest place for the key" I answered, "Hey, do you have any string with you?" I asked James. "Why in the world would I have string with me? I don't have a pocket to carry it in." I looked down where James should have had a pocket, but there was no pocket to be seen on his blue jeans. "Well I guess it will be safe enough until we get to the house," I sighed.

"Wow, with all this happening we forgot to ask Mr. Craw about the key!" James cried. I hated to admit it, but he was right. With all that happening we had forgotten to ask him. "We could try find him in the bush . . ." I started to say, "Ha!" cried James pointing to the dense woods, "He could be anywhere in that God-forsaken forest! How in the world are we supposed to find him?" Again, James was right. There was no possible way we could search everywhere. The best thing we could do was go home.

When we arrived at home, back up the dirt path, I searched the house to find some string. "Here," said James, "There was some in the cupboard." I nodded my head in thanks. I removed the key from my pocket, strung the key through it and draped it over my neck. "There!" I said, "Now if that horrid thing wants to take it from me, it will be a little harder than just crawling up my leg!" James looked at me rolling his eyes, "That thing is evil, if it wants that key I don't think some string is going to do much for you."

Night came, and I couldn't sleep at all. I couldn't stop thinking that I had to go see Mr. Craw. I snuck out trying not to make a sound, if James heard me he surely wouldn't let me go. When I got outside, it was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing. I made my way down the path, I was almost at Mr. Craw's shack, when someone grabbed me from behind! I tried to scream but hands were covering my mouth, I tried to break free but the grip was too strong! I managed to turn around, afraid of what I was to see. It was none other than James.

He let me go, putting his finger to his lips to signal to me to keep quiet. He pointed in the direction of Mr. Craw's old beat up shack. There was a dim light, and I could make out two figures, one was small, if he stood beside me he would be about up to my collar bone, and the other was the tall figure of Mr. Craw. I could hear voices. I stayed unmoving, listening to their every word.

"I'm tired of this! Why do you always have to stay inside of my head and I have to act like I'm crazy?" "Because the girl would freak out if she saw an elf. Need a better reason?" "Well she already seen you know who, so I think she can handle an elf!" "Okay, maybe you're right, but what would we do about that nosy cousin of hers? He would surely give away that I'm an elf! We just can't risk it!" Suddenly everything went silent and I couldn't hear the voices anymore. Then I heard a deep sigh. "You're right." Then everything went quiet again. I felt that it was time I showed myself to Mr. Craw and the elf, so I walked out of the bushes, ignoring the attempts James gave on stopping me, and I walked right up to the two men.

Their jaws dropped and they looked stunned. All the elf managed to say was, "Oh no."


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