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The Biggest Clique

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The Biggest Clique

Guest Writer

Being accepted in Whyville's biggest clique, the 'oldbies'. Can it happen?

This is Kristen05, some of you may know of me or know me. I've been on Whyville for about 4 months now. And I've come to realize that Whyville is not a very friendly place.

The oldbies rule Whyville, and they never speak to you unless it's like, "GET OFF OF ME YOU FREAK" or "ALL NEWBIES GET OFF SO ______ CAN SIGN ON!" Excuse me, but I didn't know oldbies had the right to demand that! I don't believe that their clique is fair. In my experience, they look down on us just because we take up room on Whyville's servers, and they think we should all stop coming.

I've seen them come right out and say things such as "I HATE NEWBIES!" etc. They were all ugly newbies once too, with no lips or noses. I'm not ugly any more, I'm actually very happy with my face, but I honestly went through so much shopping at Akbar's and yet I continued to be ridiculed. Is this fair? No. At this point in time, I feel as though I will never fit in, here in Whyville. Maybe I'll leave, or maybe I'll stay... who knows?

So if any oldbies are reading this -- would it hurt to be a little friendly, helpful, or even... gasp... considerate?? Everyone has the right to use Whyville, not just a group of select 'oldbies'. So please stop being so stuck up.

This is probably now an even less popular Kristen05, signing off.

If any newbies or oldbies want to give me their opinion on my article -- please don't hesitate to Why-mail me. It'd be nice to actually get some mail.


Guest Writer

Hi, shadow111 here, and I would like to say something about all the oldbies... I mean the oldbies that are never on! When I first chose to join, I had a heck of a time trying to find a name that wasn't taken, and I'm sure many others did too!! If you go to city records and look up some random names, there are people who are just eyes and a smile (the beginner's face) that haven't been on since 1999!!

I went around talking to people about this and interviewed one of them, farter1. Here is what farter1 had to say:

Me: Did you find that all the names you wanted were taken when you joined Whyville?
farter1: of course!! I am a newbie, and just trying to find a name is so hard!! I typed in farter1 as a joke!
Me: Did you know that about one third of the people on Whyville haven't been on for at least a year!?!
farter1: Yes, and it makes me mad that Whyville doesn't ban them or something.
Me: So you think Whyville should ban people who never go on?
farter1: Of course!! I'm sure almost everybody else would say the same, too!
Me: Thank-you.
farter1: No prob.

See what I'm talking about, almost one third of our population is fake!!

Well, that's all I have to say. I hope you other Whyvillians stand up for this and try to make things change. Whyville, I hope you do something about this!!!

Thank-you for your time, this is shadow111 signing off---> bye!



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