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The Scam!

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The Scam!

Times Writer


Have any of you received a Why-mail like this?

    Hello, this is ********* of Whyville City Hall, we are asking most Whyvillians to send City Hall members clams. This is true, you may be kicked out, sued, or you may not be able to talk for a week if you don't. None of those things apply to Whyvillians who have questions only ones who refuse to send these clams or don't send them within one week starting by the time you've recieved this y-mail. Thank you for your cooperation, City Hall.

******THIS IS A SCAM!*******

If you find you've been sent it, please delete the Why-mail.

*********WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SEND CLAMS!***************

Also, spread the word about this being a scam! I'm sure there are many other scams like this one happening around Whyville, so if you know about one, write an article and send it in to the Times so we can stomp them out!

Remember, why would City Hall ask you to send clams to anyone? She wouldn't and she doesn't!! She can make any clams she could possibly ever want! Please ignore these Why-mails and spread the word so that no one gives away clams to scammers!

This is Tech... signing out.

Note from City Hall: Thanks for your report, Tech! Citizens, if you ever see someone claiming to work for City Hall, check their heads -- if they're not wearing an official City Workers beanie, they're lying! Also, you can find who's a Why-Mail Helper by checking the list, but remember, they're just citizens like you -- they don't have any special powers, just wisdom, experience, and the willingness to help you!


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