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The New Oldbies

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The New Oldbies

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I've been on Whyville for a while, and I've seen all kinds of arguments. Most were about stupid things... you know, places to sit in, copying someone's look, etc. But lately, every time I sign on, I've seen prejudice.

Newbie prejudice.

This is very hard for me to watch. I see many of my old friends sitting there, mocking the newbies, talking about how hideous they are, how "dumb" they are, and it makes me embarrassed to be an oldie. It is a disgrace.

Being a "oldbie" a year ago was a position of respect. Back then, though, there weren't thousands of them! There were a select handful of Whyvillians who had started in 1999. We, the newbies back then, looked up to them for advice. It was a nice little system.

Don't get me wrong, there was still a little rudeness to newbies back then. But there DEFINITELY wasn't what we see today. As newbies proved they could fend for themselves, the more they were respected by the elders.

Today, ons of my "oldbie" friends wonder why they are so disrespected. However, if they would look to see how they are treating our new guests, they would see the answer right in front of them! How can anyone expect to be liked when all they spit out are rude, hateful, sarcastic comments? Newbies are working as hard as they can to become "regular" Whyvillians, and they continue to be shot down by the older members. It really is sad to watch.

Although this behavior is completely inexcusable, not to mention EMBARASSING, I will try to give an explanation to the newbies who have been hurt by it.

This may not be much, but it may help you understand:

  • Us "oldbies" have stuck around because we really appreciate Whyville. We also remember what it was like in the "old days", and how members like Vanilla, Spazchick, Charity and more were respected. You guys weren't around back then, so naturally you don't remember this. Somehow, many oldbies have been led to believe that this is the way that WE are supposed to be treated, as though we are extra special for coming on over a year. Yeah, right.
  • Many of us feel taken over by the newbies. We think "Hey, we've been on here for a year, doesn't that mean that we should know almost everyone and be really popular?". Of course, this is not true. Some people just naturally have talent for making new friends. Instead of admitting that maybe these new kids have more friends than us, we just make lame, rude excuses. It's not right, I know, but it's also painful for us.
  • We don't like the fact that we feel we have to respect these newbies, who "should" in fact be respecting us for our experience. It's kind of like your little 5-year old brother telling you to shut up and get him something.

Hopefully, you understand a little better why so many "oldbies" are disrespectful to the new kids. Any oldbie reading this, hopefully you are not a part of the rebellion, and if you are you can now recognize the extreme it has gotten to.

There are just a couple more points, though, that I would like to make. We do NOT like to be labeled "oldbies". It doesn't carry the respect it used to. Now, it carries terrible baggage, that we are old, hateful coots who want all newbies off. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. We LOVE Whyville, and without newbies it wouldn't still be around. Recognize, too, that we were once newbies. Very ugly, poor, quiet and embarrassed newbies. Many of us have forgotten that helpless feeling. Please forgive us for forgetting that!

I read an article this week that wasn't mean in any way, but did bother me a little bit. The writer said, "The pool is where all of the Oldbies hang out. The Playground is where the FUN, POPULAR people hang out!". Is this saying that because we have been on here longer than many people, that we are not fun and popular?

First of all, it is wrong to make "popular" cliques on here, because that is what many people are trying to escape from in real life. Being rejected twice, once from a place you thought it would never happen, can be extremely painful. We all have tons of friends, and enjoy each other's company. "Fun and cool" people hang out all over the place! If anyone would go out and talk to some of these newbies, they would think they were pretty nice too. Give it a chance.

So please, whether you be an "old coot oldbie" or a "dumb ugly newbie", think about anytime in the past week you have said something hurtful to someone else. Perhaps you will think twice before labeling.

Thank you,



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