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Info for the Newbies

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Info for the Newbies

Times Writer

SwtChick, reporting for duty! This is an article about newbies, for newbies, and it pretty much explains everything you need to know about our beloved Whyville.

First things first: you are probably wondering why you can't chat, eh? Well, it is just a security measure here in Whyville so that everything is safe. Next, I bet you're wondering why you don't have a fancy face! Well, you have to do some things to get face parts and create a face, which I will explain later. But, if you haven't already done so, you should stop by Grandma's to get some spare face parts.

In order for you to get anywhere in Whyville (example- Grandma's), you must go to your bus menu, which is located on the bus, on the left side of your screen, or at least mine is. From there it will take you anywhere in Whyville. Be sure to check out the new holiday forest, and Whyville's new look -- SNOW!

Now, in Whyville, we have a money system called 'clams', instead of dollars, or whatever your country calls money. That is how you buy face parts. In order to get clams, you must do a few things.

First, look on top of your bus, and you will find 3 things: the one on your left is the Whyville Times, which you are reading now. The one in the middle is your satchel, which has in it a lot of things, including: the games you play in order to get clams, the recording of how many clams you have spent/raised, your salary, all your projectiles (I will talk about those later), all your face parts, and more of that kind of stuff. Now, in order to get clams, you will want to head to your satchel.

Once you get there, then you go to your ledger, which is one of the three books located in your satchel. At the top you will see three headings. Go to the one in the middle, Salary Ledger. There you will find a list of games that you play in order to win the clams which make up your salary that you get every day you log in to Whyville. Go play some of those games now!

When you get clams, you go to Akbar's Face Mall (under your bus menu) and there will be a list of stores, which you can enter by clicking on the name. Also, at the top there is a spot where you can type in the name of something and all the items made with that name will appear.

When you are REALLY bored, and you have lots of clams, you can go to the Face Factory (also under your bus menu) and create your own face parts to sell and make clams off of. Be sure to read Google's, Vanilla's, and Grenouille's help articles before you start this.

Once you have bought face parts, you can apply them at 'Pick your Nose' under the bus menu, or click on your face, located IN the bus with the driver. That will take you directly to 'Pick Your Nose', where you can put on your face parts. You start by finding the head you want to use, and go on from there. Click on the item you want to use, then apply it by moving it where you want, and clicking there.

There are lots of fun things to do in Whyville, and one of the most fun is throwing projectiles! All you do is go (bus menu again) to Projectile Shoppe and buy projectiles, and when you want to throw one at someone, just say... ok, wait. Let me give you an example: SwtChick wanted to throw a mudball at LissyChic, so all she said was, mudball LissyChic, and it mudballed LissyChic in the face! See? It's that simple. All you do is say the name of the projectile that you want to use, and then the name of the person you are throwing at! But do make sure that there is no one in your way! There are also codes for throwing projectiles, but you'll have to ask around for those.

Also, don't forget to Why-mail your Whyvillian friends! That is the little cell phone-looking thing on top of your bus. There you can go to your address book, click on Add a Friend, and you have got your list started!

Another thing you may have noticed is that Whyville is sometimes busy and you have to wait in what is called 'The Waiting Room' (that may be the reason you are reading the paper right now, in fact). If you don't want to wait around there, you can always buy a Why-pass. That will give you priority access to Whyville so you don't have to wait and wait and wait when we're busy.

All it costs is \$4.95 (let me remind you that that is American dollars) for 1 month and \$24.95 for 6 months. I'm very sorry, but they are not available in clams. If you have heard that they will be, let me inform you that those rumors are FALSE. Be sure to also check out the Whyville Store, which has Why-Passes to give to a friend/loved one, and it will be having more stuff soon!

Be sure to ask around, Why-mail me(SwtChick), and explore lots, and also consider joining Club Why (back to the bus menu!) when you can. Oh, and I have one more secret that I think you will find amusing: there is a secret disco in Sector Y -- it is hidden underground by the construction. Look for a little hand on your mouse, and then click.

I hope this article helped you, and If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please WhyMail SwtChick. Thanks for reading and see y'all later!

This is SwtChick, and I'm out....



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