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All With a Key: Part 5

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I stared at Mr. Craw and the elf, they stared back at me. There was a long moment of silence while I studied their features. Mr. Craw was as tall as the average man. His hair was matted and brown with streaks of grey running through. The stubble on his chin showed that he hadn't shaved in a while, and his eyes were droopy and brown. It's amazing how I have been to the lake every summer, yet I have never looked at Mr. Craw.

The elf was small. Standing beside Mr. Craw, he was just up to his waist. His hair was golden brown, and his skin was so smooth with no sign of wrinkles. His ears were pointed and his eyes slightly slanted. He was dressed in a torn green shirt with beige pants.

Mr. Craw was the first to speak. "Well, if you're here, your cousin must be right behind. Call him out of the bush, there is no sense in him sneaking around in the dark in these woods."

James walked out of the bush, he was blushing and looking embarrassed. There was blood trickling down his leg from a scratch that he probably got from the brambles. He came and stood beside me glaring for showing myself.

"Well . . . You are probably very confused right now," said the elf. "Maybe it would be a good idea for me to explain everything to you from the start, but not out here . . . come inside the shack."

The inside of the shack was nothing of what I expected it to be. There was a fire and it was delightfully warm. Paintings covered the walls and there was a very soft sofa in the middle of the room.

"This is a long story so please excuse the length," said the elf, "But first perhaps I should tell you my name, I am Deyjah. Now that we have names out of the way, let me begin the story of the key and how I came to be inside of our dear Mr. Craw."

"It all started long ago, when kings and queens ruled the land and dragons roamed free. A magician named Delrah fell in love with a princess. Their love was forbidden because the princess was already engaged to a man named Allbani. The princess loved Allbani, but Delrah was jealous. He concocted a potion to turn Allbani into a cruel, cruel man so the princess would love him instead.

Delrah poured the potion into Allbani's drink. The princess came into the room and sat down by him, she reached over and took a sip of the potion without knowing. Suddenly, she started acting strange, she kept twitching and her eyes turned red. She instantly aged, her golden locks turning into a mass of white and grey. Her once flawless completion turning into wrinkles, and her once pure heart turned black. Little did Delrah know, the potion that was intended for Allbani had a side effect. Ever lasting life, and magic power came along with it, but it would be a life of evil. Delrah was beside himself with grief, his beloved princess was turned into a witch!

The princess became the witch we now know as Laguana."

To be continued . . .


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