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Taking Out the Trash

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Did I scare ya? No? Well I know what will. This Halloween, try taking a look in any trash can - you'll scream!

That's right, Halloween is a time when candy wrappers, decorations, even costumes are bought and thrown out almost instantly. The evening is scary enough without wondering about what it's doing to the planet!

You can use some articles from this series to help! To rescue the candy wrappers, take a look at article 9021. If you want to recycle costumes that use jeans or glasses see articles 9086 and 9220. For hats, try article 9335. And hey, you might know someone using a tennis racket in their costume who's going to throw it out afterwards - try article 9113.

Trick-or-Treat Bags

If it's made from paper, recycle! If it's made of plastic, stow it away for reuse. Any designs you like? Cut them out and make a collage, Halloween greeting card, or poster! Cloth bags are the trickiest to find, but also the most useful. Spruce up your day by using a trick-or-treat bag instead of a backpack. Otherwise, hang the bag on a wall (and in a place where nobody else can get to it!) and use it as a candy stash year-round. If the material is soft, fill the bag with cotton, sew up one end, and you've got a pillow!


Hang 'em up on a wall, or line 'em on a shelf to add some zest to your room. Start to keep a crate full of masks and wigs - they're great for school presentations or entertaining younger kids. If you have a collection of dolls or stuffed animals, masks are practically gold in terms of costumes! Why shouldn't Teddy get to be Frankenstein all year round?

Crepe Paper

Make a frame from construction paper, and glue strips of crepe paper (just at the ends) to make a stained glass picture. Hang it on a window to see the sun light it up! Try redecorating your bike by covering it with crepe paper (just not the handle bars or the wheels - the paper shouldn't get in the way of riding it). Next time you wrap a birthday present for a friend, try using crepe paper for ribbon. Crepe paper also looks great attached to kites, butterfly nets, and wind chimes!

Now who's afraid of the big bad wolf? If you want to see your idea in my next article, y-mail me! The winner will get a free face part from the store Scavenger's at Akbar's Face Mall.

"You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you."


Author's Note: Quote by Eric Hoffer.


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