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Spanish for the Clueless

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Last week, we learned to count to ten in Spanish. This week, we're going to take it up a notch and try for one hundred!

Just to refresh your memory, let's try from one to ten!

Uno (Ooh-noh)
Dos (dohs)
Tres (trace)
Cuatro (kwah-troh)
Cinco (seen-koh)
Seis (say-ss)
Siete (see-eh-teh)
Ocho (oh-choh)
Nueve (new-eh-veh)
Diez (dee-ez)

The numbers eleven through fifteen are unusual - they do not translate into "ten and one" (for eleven) or "ten and two" (for twelve) like the other Spanish numbers. Instead, their translation is literally "eleven" or "twelve."

Once (own-say) = Eleven
Doce (doh-say) = Twelve
Trece (tray-say) = Thirteen
Catorce (cah-tore-say = Fourteen
Quince (keen-say) = Fifteen

Once you reach sixteen, numbers become much easier! All you have to do is translate "ten and ____" to know the number!

Diez y seis = Sixteen (literally "ten and six")
Diez y siete = Seventeen
Diez y ocho = Eighteen
Diez y nueve = Nineteen

This works for every number up to ninety nine! All you need to know is how to say "ten," "twenty," "thirty," and so on.

Diez = ten
Veinte (vayn-tay) = twenty
Treinta (train-tah) = thirty
Cuarenta (kwah-rain-tah) = forty
Cincuenta (seen-kwayn-tah) = fifty
Sesenta (say-saint-ah) = sixty
Setenta (say-taint-ah) = seventy
Ochenta (oh-chen-tah) = eighty
Noventa (noh-vayn-tah) = ninety

Pop Quiz!

Translate these numbers from English to Spanish or Spanish to English. Check your answers at the bottom!

1.) Twenty nine
2.) Catorce
3.) Seventy eight
4.) Cincuenta y tres

Congrats, you can say every number from one to ninety nine! Let's make it nice and even with one hundred!

Cien (see-ehn) = One hundred

That's all there is to it. I've got to go buy some chicle!

- Wicked777 (A.K.A., Wicked-siete-siete-siete!)

Author's Note: Quiz Answers:
1.) Veinte y nueve
2.) Fourteen
3.) Setenta y ocho
4.) Fifty three


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