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Create a Doodle: Halloween

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They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, They're altogether ooky, the Addams family! Dun, dun, dun neat! Dun, dun, dun, dun sweet! Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun dun petite!

Okay I felt we needed some theme music there . . . As I promised in last week's article, this week I will show you how to draw witches, ghosts, and - wait for it "Twilight" fans . . . vampires! So sit back, relax, and get spooky!


Step 1: Draw the head as an oval shape. When drawing on the face, the eyebrows should be about 1.5 cm from the bottom of the face.

Eyes - The eyes should be about 0.3 cm below the eyebrow. When drawing eyes, make them an almond shape, and add a very small line above it for the eyelid. You should have a circle on the inside of the eyes, and inside of that make another circle and shade it in black for the pupil. Leave a tiny white dot in the pupil for lighting effect. Draw curved lines for eyelashes going all the way on top of the eye, and half way below.

Nose - Draw a line coming down from the eyebrow (DO NOT ATTACH LINE TO EYEBROW) on the left side of the line, about 0.3cm from the line, draw a "c" shape. On the other side of the line (right side) draw a small backwards "c" shape. For the nostrils, going between the two "c" shapes, draw a very curved small "m" shape, and shade in two circles on the rounded part of the "m".

Mouth - For the mouth, draw a curved line for the top, and a cured line for the bottom, and attach. Shade in the lips just to make it more "witchy".

Step 2: Draw the neck. Erase the top half of the head, and draw the hair. The hair can look however you want it to, long and flowy, short and spiky, or curly. Then, draw the shoulders.

Step 3: Erase a little bit of the very top of the head so you can draw a hat. Draw the brim of the hat going just a little ways over the head. Draw a cone shape for the rest of the hat. Add a buckle about half ways up the cone. Shade in the rest of the hat black except for the buckle. Add little curved lines attaching the hat to the head.

For the clothing, draw a tattered dress. It doesn't matter if it looks messy. Draw it with long sleeves with jagged ends. When drawing the legs, draw them together, and getting smaller as they go down. Draw stripes on them for tights. For the feet, draw black boots. Draw hands coming out of the sleeves. Remember, five fingers on each hand . . . (Please do not insult my hands, I know they are a little odd.)

Now, obviously you need to color your witch! Color in the dress black, the hat black, and the boots black. The rest is up to you! You can do candy corn colored stockings, and flaming red hair if you want! Get creative!


Follow all the face and body steps from the witch, the only thing is, make the lips thicker. Make the hair long and make it look as if it is blowing in the wind. Don't shade anything in. Outline everything in blue.

For where the arms would be, draw lots of long squiggly lines. Don't draw any feet, but draw lots of squiggly lines. Shade in the body blue, and voila, you are done! *Note, when shading the body, do it lightly.

If part of the image is cut off, I apologies, my scanner is giving me trouble.

Now, the moment all the "Twilight" fans have been waiting for . . .


Follow all the face and body steps from the witch. Instead of doing normal lips, add fangs, and color the eyes in red. If it is a male vampire, don't draw eyelashes, and make the hair look like it's slicked back. If it's a female vampire, give her eyelashes, but it doesn't matter what you do with the hair.

For the dress, draw a collar. Make the arms together, with long sleeves. If it's a girl, draw a dress that gets wider at the bottom, and make a triangle shape that you will color in red. If it's a guy, draw a trench coat and black pants.

When coloring in your vampire, leave the face pale, and the dress or trench coat should be black. Make darker circles under the eyes.

Well that's all for this week, hope you enjoyed it, and have a happy, happy Halloween!



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