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Warning Guests

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Warning Guests

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Hey Whyvillians! This is badgurl0 signing on!

I decided to discuss this topic because i have noticed that many Whyvillians are warning guests for no reasons. I know that when most of you think of guest, you think of them always warning you or causing trouble for no reason.

Since I don't have a Why-Pass, it takes me forever to get into Whyville, so sometimes I just go in as a guest to see if my friends are on. Lately, when I have gone in as a guest, I have been warned without doing anything to anyone!

I know how it feels to be warned by a guest or taped for not doing anything, but now Whyvillians just warn a guest automatically, even if they didn't do anything. Someone warned me for no reason whatsoever!!!

I get so mad because the people that come in as guests and don't act badly are here to look at Whyville, or maybe they're people who have already joined but they can't get in. That's a pretty lousy first impression you're giving them, or you're being just plain rude to your fellow citizens!

I hope that this article might change the way you look at guest... yes some are cruel and they do warn people for no reason. So my point is, don't warn the guests unless they do something to you. If they haven't done anything to you, then don't mess with them; they are probably just looking around.

I'm not telling you what to do because even I warn the guest when they mess with me... but the guest that you warn could be your friends that have come in while they couldn't get on!! OR they could be your friends that you'll have once they decide to join Whyville!

Thanks for your time!!

Badgurl0 signing off.



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