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Untrue Things in Whyville

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Untrue Things in Whyville

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Lately there have been a lot of different articles saying that if you are a true citizen, you will most likely have or buy a Why-pass. Not me! I don't have a Pass, but still I love Whyville and I will probably be a true citizen for a long time. This article in the December 27 issue said:

    "there have been a number of petitions, from newbies and oldies, complaining that these Why-Passes are no good. Well, I think that just proves that you are not as devoted to Whyville as some of us other Whyvillians. And, if your parents won't let you buy one, I suggest you show them around Whyville and explain that it is a safe environment, and that you could possibly earn your Why-Pass from them somehow."

Well, if you ask me, some of our parents work 24/7 or are just busy and don't have time for us to show them around. But the worst part was when that article said: "I think that just proves that some of us are more devoted to Whyville than others." I find that totally untrue! I love Whyville, but I just don't think that you should have to pay.

It says to 'click here' to buy a Why-Pass for "only" $4.95. But for all of those who live in Canada it's more than $7.50 and some of our parents say, "Paying for the internet is expensive enough already, I don't wanna have to pay for my kids to be on a website that they might wake up and not like tomorrow."

I say it's kinda cheap money-wise but it is also a rip-off because sometimes it only takes not even 5 minutes to get on. And if you can get on in less then 5 minutes sometimes... but on the other hand, if it takes a ridiculous hour and a half it would be better if I had a Why-Pass.

Still, I don't think I'm gonna get one, so I will keep taking up to a hour and a half to get on because I AM DEVOTED TO WHYVILLE even if people say that the ones most devoted to Whyville are the ones with a Why-Pass. But I will never believe that because it is DEFINITELY NOT TRUE!!!


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