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All With a Key: Part 7

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The dim lights in Mr. Craw's shack flickered and the fire blew out. A cold shiver ran through my veins. My body started to itch as if hundreds of ants were crawling on my pale skin.

"What's happening to me?" I screamed.

"Just calm down it will all be over shortly" Replied Deyjah.

Suddenly, I couldn't feel my arms anymore, in it's place were wings as brown as a tree trunk. As I looked down where my legs were supposed to be, all I could see were talons. Everything in the room became larger. I looked down at my body, and it was in the shape of a bird, with a red breast.

Then it was over.

"I'm a robin?" I asked, stunned, as I flew circles around the room with my newly grown wings.

The elf just nodded in reply.

"So is fair . . .

The elf cut me off so fast I couldn't finish my sentence.

"Do NOT say that word again unless you wish to go through another change"

"Sorry, well as I was saying, is that some magical word for robin?" I asked

"No, not exactly, it is just the word to shape shift. The reason you turned into a robin instead of any other animal, was because that's what you must have been thinking of. Whatever you wish to transform into, just picture that in your mind and speak the word."

"Okay, so why did that big light show happen when I transformed, yet it didn't happen when Laguana did?" I asked as I pecked at the ground.

"Because Laguana is more experienced than you" said Deyjah, responding to my question.

"That I am!" squawked Laguana, swooping through the window out of no where, grabbing Deyjah by the scruff of the neck, and flying away with him."

"Deyjah!" I screamed.

Mr. Craw looked at the sky and said,

"Hmm, what an unpleasant turn of events, no matter, I suppose we should go get Deyjah back.


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