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Dearest Whyville,

I regretfully inform you it has been a rather long time since I have lurked around your side of the Internet. I am not all sure how it got to a point of complete neglect for you, let me try and explain here. I was once like you, your typically socially awkward teenager. Not belonging all that much to any generic stereotype or group, and despite never admitting it, I knew I was just that extra bit smarter and deeper. That is what made whyville so rewarding, here all the misfits unleashed their inner geek and created some truly amazing conversations and formed the place I would become so incredibly addicted too.

Whyville was introduced to my life at quite a young age, and like many newcomers I remember the obstacles. Discovering just what a Noob was, and the forever challenging ordeal of getting those eyes *under* the hair, rather than above, oh the pixelated shame. But eventually you rise up the unspoken social ladder, the thrills of owning a xllent shirt, entering the sunroof and having all be aware of who you are. Here it is, virtual credibility, sure we are all in complete denial of how meaningless it is, but sheesh did it feel great.

Whyville was great, in reality I felt limited by my past and by my appearance, and that I would never be cool enough to be accepted and have the friends I wanted. However the moment I signed on and was greeted by the crazy clown inspired bus driver, none of this mattered. Here I was free, I could be who ever I wanted, look how I wanted to, act how I wanted to, everything was up to me. To be able to interact with such a variety of subcultures all blended together trying to express their feelings and opinions, it truly was perfect.

Then eventually like all beautiful things in my life, I more or less destroy them. I started searching for the flaws and in general feeling disconnected from you all. Everything started to lack meaning and seemed predictable, a never ending quest to be the most intellect or have the most clams or be the most emo. Not only that, I like most "rebellious" teenagers find my way into that crowd which do questionable and erratic things, so having such a demanding place in reality made Whyvillle seem irrelevant.

Yet I still have returned. Never being able to get to sleep, and feeling like night is by far the most majestic time of day, I would spend hours procrastinating away on the Internet. Returning every couple of months to go check out the Times and ponder on the new updates. It wasn't all that long until I was back checking out the regular rooms, analyzing the power of time on being able to change. I once was so comfortable here, now I am just left confused and mildly bitter.

I am not blaming this on City Workers and their quest for Internet domination, simply I have come to learn I have matured. I see so many kids so worked up over the names on their pixels. It all seems pointless, that face is nothing but a desperate image of what some insecure kid wished they represented. To be screaming around for boyfriends and relations, you are so over your head. To honestly feel true love, to spend all day thinking about what someone has said, the idea of seeing them bringing nothing but motivation and inspiration. You are greatly ripping yourself off if you think that comes in the form of an obnoxiously brightly colored kid's website.

Perhaps I am just cynical I no longer have a part or role in you, Whyville. Some form of justification to make myself feel better about being rejected from the place I once so dearly loved. Now I see nothing but pretentious kids, voicing their opinions on issues they know nothing about, in some horribly fake attempt to gain respect. Hiding behind your carefully constructed face, hoping it shows you as a distinguished rebel. Discovering the direct relationship between clams, ego and speaking complete garbage. I am sorry, I simply do not belong, I am not from the USA, I am not Christian, I do not enjoy "Harry Potter" or Paramore.

I give you all this challenge, as you already seem quite outraged by this new "Pearl" system. Prove me wrong. I see nothing but wasted youth, minds being controlled and ready to spend a life producing and consuming. While you may think you are so hip and underground, your understandings on life are so incredibly censored. So run along, argue your dispute at me, perhaps even use that large vocabulary of yours. I just want to create some form of feelings, to get a reaction, to wake this generation of the deceit.

-Will you bite the hand that feeds?


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