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No on Prop 8

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Author's Note: This article is on a touchy subject and younger readers should probably not read this article without parental consent.

With Election Day coming up on November 4th for Americans, the main point of attention is the Presidential race between Barack Obama and John Mccain. This is fine, and it is much more important to most than anything else. But, in California, and other states, there are things to vote on that are just as important as the election.

Proposition 8 is a proposal to change California's state constitution to say "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." This would change the fact that now, anyone can get married in California, including gays and lesbians.

If this is directed to anyone, it is directed to the Californians who go on Whyville. If you're over 18, vote no on Prop 8. That's you, City Workers! If you're a Whyvillian who isn't over 18, encourage people you know to say no to Proposition 8, too. Remember, love is love, and it should have no borders.

What do I think? I think this Proposition is horrible. Why should people be denied the rights that others have? What do we live in, the 1600s? Can women vote? Is slavery still alive and well in the United States? I know they can, and I know it is not. So why shouldn't gays be allowed to marry?

The main arguments made by the commercials that are for prop 8 is that a church or any other provider of service would not be allowed to deny service to someone because of their sexual orientation. Why should they be allowed to do this anyway? Can they deny service to blacks, whites, Asians? No, they cannot, not morally and probably not legally. The advertisements also place emphasis on how adoption agencies might be forced to allow children to go to same-sex couples. What's the problem with that? If it means a better life for these children that may not be adopted otherwise, it shouldn't matter at all.

I am aware this article is going to cause much controversy, but I do not mind. It is also going to raise awareness and hopefully will change some minds on this subject. Californian voters, when casting your ballots, please remember my article. Please don't undo I do.

Editor's Note: Please note that this is an especially controversial and important subject to many people. We all are entitled to our beliefs. Please keep that in mind when posting in the BBS.


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