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Pain in the Nose

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Excitement. Interested. Eager. Nosy. Confused. Upset. Doubtful. Disappointed. Lost. Worked up. Wronged. Unhappy. These are the bittersweet emotions I was feeling when the new Pick Your Nose launched on November 6th, at around 6 PM Whytime. For years, I've been begging the City Workers to add a search tool to the nose pick since I've always had tons of parts and it was difficult for me to find things. It seems my wish came true today, except . . . not really.

Below is what the new Pick Your Nose looks like:

Looks pretty fancy, eh? Why wouldn't this be what I absolutely wanted? It took me about 8 tries to get the above screenshot. The nose pick would not load for me, at all. This is usually what I see whenever I click it and wait for over 5 minutes:

It doesn't load. It stays there, frozen, and eventually makes my browser and java crash. But, before I begin ranting on and on (I don't want to sound like some pessimistic troll), I'll go over what I love about it. I of course love the search tool, because it makes things so much easier for me to find immediately. I also like how it has the parts sorted into categories and the parts are no longer displayed by their names but by what they look like, which is good if you can't remember the name of some particular part that you love!

Back to being a troll (lol), I've asked all of my friends if they experience the same thing I do whenever I open the new Pick Your Nose, and they in fact do. I've noticed that it particularly occurs with people who have a lot of parts, and I have over 1,000 rares on my other account, so on that account I won't even consider trying to pick my nose. Another thing I don't like about the Pick Your Nose is that people, including myself, would often place parts around the border (of the old Pick Your Nose), such as eyes and noses and blushes or medals, etc, and now with the new one it doesn't allow us to do that.

I decided to interview a few people and asked what they thought about the new Pick Your Nose:

1260: Do you have trouble when opening the new nose Pick Your Nose, does it load, freeze, etc?
Aichemist: The new Pick Your Nose doesn't even open on any of my accounts with over 500 parts, and on the one account of mine with less than that it freezes for a large amount of time.
Skaterb10: It freezes.
lilchiche: The new Pick Your Nose takes forever to load because of the new changes made, and its very annoying.
clarienet: Not too much trouble. Maybe a little longer to load.

1260: Do you like the new Pick Your Nose, and why?
Aichemist: I hate the new Pick Your Nose, it's so slow, it will hardly seem worth the effort to open. Not only does the window itself freeze when it attempts to load, but my entire Internet Explorer doesn't worth for the period of about 5 minutes, and that's just on the account of mine with LESS than 500 parts.
Skaterb10: I hate it because it is confusing and the old one is faster and it freezes my computer.
lilchiche: The only thing I like about it is the fact that you can search for the part you want, making it easily accessible and faster to change your looks.
clarienet: Kind of. I think it is a lot easier to find your face parts.

1260: A lot of people like the new Pick Your Nose because it has a search tool, would you rather have the old Pick Your Nose with a search tool added, or keep the new one?
Aichemist: I was excited at the thought of the new Pick Your Nose until I actually saw it's realization as it was implemented today. It's slow, and really makes me feel disinclined towards changing my look at all. It freezes my entire computer, and for the most part doesn't even open. I don't know why Whyville would have implemented it without working out the very serious kinks. I'd much prefer for Whyville to add a search tool to the old Pick Your Nose.
Skaterb10: I would rather have the old system.
lilchiche: I would rather have the search bar added to the old Pick Your Nose, because I use the extra side room of the old Pick Your Nose to sort out what look I want, and now there isn't any room to plan looks. All these extra features are just slowing Whyville down.
clarienet: Well I think it is great the way it is. But, the reason is that sometimes you don't really know what a face part may be called. It makes it easier to see it as you scroll the categories.

As you can see, most of the people I interviewed are disappointed. I'm confused as to why the Pick Your Nose is being like this and why Whyville won't just let us have the old one and just add a search bar, that's all, hopefully it'll happen.

Thanks for reading everyone, please post your questions, concerns and opinions in the BBS, and hopefully a City Worker will post in the BBS as well.



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