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Sometimes Change is a Good Thing

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Okay, so I recently logged onto Whyville. I had just gone to the Sunroof when all of the sudden I got a Friend Finder for the Newbie Lounge. I got onto my position and invited the first person there. I said, "How may I help you?" When suddenly he said, "Is it just me or did the Pick Your Nose change?" Right then It hit me. I answered his questions. After I was through I clicked my face on the bus menu. I was waiting for the page to load, anxious to see the new Pick Your Nose. Boom! It was right there. The best change Whyville has done so far.

I examined the new Pick Your Nose with amazement. I remember Scyllacat talking about putting in a new Pick Your Nose, but this was awesome! It has the pictures of the face parts. It makes it a lot easier to find your face part. You can even search the name. The old Pick Your Nose did not have the parts in alphabetical order, making it much harder to find things if you have over 400 face parts. It's more eye-popping and exciting. I don't think that this new update will be hated as much as the others.

I have also heard of Scyllacat saying that the old Whyville map layout is being fixed at this time. That will be one of the great new finishing touches. Being able to have the old map layout back and have the new Whyville fixed to be even newer and revised will be great. At first with the new Pearls system, I didn't think it was such a wonderful idea until I got my first Whypet. Now I have purchased 2 one time Pearls to buy 2 pets. I feed and care for them both. The new park is a great place to train them. When you come to think of it, change CAN be good. I think that I am pretty sure people will be very found of Whyville once it gets its old map layout back.

Now I interviewed 1260 to see what he thought of the new changes.

Clarienet: What do you think about the new changes Whyville has made?
1260: I think some of them are for the better, and some are not.

Clarienet: Do you think that the new changes are helping any?
1260: I know that the search tool in satchel helps me so much, the new layout is helpful too I suppose with all the ease of access.

Clarienet: Do you like the new changes/updates?
1260: I don't approve of WhyPasses being discontinued, nor do I approve of Pearls, but I do like some of the changes that were made, ideas that I've been proposing for years, such as a search tool in satchel, and one in Pick Your Nose. However, I'm very disappointed with it because it does not load for me and constantly freezes.

Clarienet: What do you think Whyville could do to make the changes any better?
1260: I think they really need to listen to what the citizens have to say about all of these changes and put that into consideration.

Clarienet: What was your first reaction to the new changes?
1260: When I found out about WhyPasses being discontinued, I was not happy at all. When I saw the search tool in satchel, I loved it. It makes everything so much easier, and for the most recent change, the new Pick Your Nose, I loved it -- at first. I absolutely hate it because it doesn't load at all for me, I'd rather if they just kept the old Pick Your Nose and then added a search bar to that.

Clarienet: Do you think Whyville is doing these changes in a helpful manner?
1260: A few of them, yes, such as the ease-of-access ones, but introducing Pearls . . . I don't understand how that's helpful. A lot of people hate it and prefer WhyPasses.

I can't wait to see the next future Whyville. I hope all goes well and Scyllacat and the rest of the Whyville crew come up with more great ideas to make Whyville a better website.

Author's Note: I would like to thank all the City Workers of Whyville for putting so much effort into Whyville for the people who play on it. Not everyone would spend their time making a wonderful great website for kids to play on and be safe. Thank You.


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