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Whyvillian in the Spotlight

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There hasn't been a Whyvillian in the Spotlight in quite a while. So I'd like to nominate someone who's a good person on the inside. His name is David. I call him Dave or you may know him as MrCracker.

Dave is really smart, sometimes he just seems to know everything. It's weird, it's like he's all knowing. And instead of just keeping all the knowledge to himself, he uses his smarts to help people. He's one of our great Y-mail helpers, answering so many Newbies' questions day after day.

This is part of what makes Dave a good role model. Dave isn't one of those people that just goes around Whyville using inappropriate language. He almost never gets taped. He sets a great example for Newbies in Whyville.

That's only one of his accomplishments on Whyville, though; he's also reached over 1 million clams! He makes 123 clams a day, which means he must be good at the salary games. He's also a member of the street team, and he's been on Whyville since 2004. That's a long time!

He's also a great writer for the Whyville Times. Although he hasn't submitted very many articles, the ones he has are some of the greatest articles in the Times, if I do say so myself. His writing is so funny, and everyone loves to read his entertaining articles.

He's a very entertaining person; we can always count on Dave to liven up a conversation. If we're having a boring day, along comes Dave and makes it tons more fun. He makes everyone laugh all the time. He can cheer anyone up with his witty comments!

As I said before, Dave is not only entertaining and an accomplished person, but he's a good person on the inside. He loves almost everyone. There's only a small list of people Dave doesn't like. His mom even noticed what a good person Dave is on the inside; she said he should be elected President. I think I'll have to agree with his mom on that one.

Dave is also great outside of Whyville. He's 16 years old and in the 11th grade. He has been a member of marching band, played the cello for five years, and he is teaching himself how to play the drums and the guitar. He has played football and volleyball since 9th grade. He also enjoys snowboarding.

Dave loves technology and learning new things. He loves computers, video games, and books. He is always reading because he needs to learn a lot to accomplish his goal one day. Dave wants to be a millionaire. He has great ideas on how to get there and we all know Dave will someday reach his goal.

It's not only me that thinks Dave is amazing, but so many other Whyvillians too.

Skookum0: I severely do not hate him.
Glitsygrl: I have decided that Dave is the most hilarious person ever.
Nicenfun: Dave is a beautiful man, I love him, he's gorgeous, oh baby.
Vancyon: Dave has always been nice to me. He is a very accepting person and loyal friend. He is always there to defend me.

Dave really deserves this recognition, more than anyone else I know. Thank you Dave, for being an amazing person and role model for Whyville.



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