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The person I'm nominating for this week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight, is someone who I would have thought should have been nominated years ago. But maybe she hasn't because her greatness is just too hard to put into words. This week's WITS is Amanda.

Amanda, or Eden, has been on Whyville longer than almost anyone I know. She joined Whyville in October, 1999. She's been coming onto Whyville since the year it was created, so she knows pretty much everything about Whyville.

Of course she's a Y-mail helper, she can help anyone with problems they're having in Whyville. She knows exactly how to help people, and she's so nice to everyone, newbies included. She's so kind and will go to any lengths to help someone.

Eden is also really creative. She's always creative with making her Whyville face, and she's always thinking of great ideas for things to do. We always do really random funny things just because Eden's awesome and thinks of funny stuff to do. She also makes creative and amazing snowmen!

Eden's hilarious. We're always laughing together. We laugh about the craziest things, and we even have a song. We wrote an amazing song to the tune of "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World.

It's Morgan and Eden's song,
Its only on the web we talk,
And eat our rice
Eat everything you can,
And don't you worry about getting fat,
When you gain weight.

Eden is 13 and three quarters and in the 8th grade. Her favorite things include reading and buying fake hair. When she grows up she wants to be a politician. Her favorites are:

Color: Green
Food: Rice (no everyone, I did not influence her to like rice . . . ok maybe just a little)
Subject: Math
Band: Coheed and Cambria
Song: "Feathers"

She's pretty much amazing, and it's not only me that loves her. There are way too many people to interview that love her, so I'll just pick a few.

Holiday50: Eden is one of the most sweetest, friendliest and funniest girls I've ever met. She's naturally beautiful on the inside and out. She is an amazing friend because she's trustworthy and honest, and best of all, SHE'S HOTT!!
Mokey6: Eden is amazing. she's nice, smart, friendly, and don't forget gorgeous, oh girl.
Jank03: Eden is an amazing friend. She has been there for me when I was down and she has motivated me in many areas. She always has a smile on her face and she loves to meet new people from any walks of life. Eden is the most mature person I have met of her age. Eden really deserves WITS and congratulations to her.
Vancyon: Eden is one of the people I talk to the most! Morgie, Eden, and I make a great team for potentially illegal activities, too! Don't even bother to send in the Swat team, FBI! Eden is such a nice person who loves giving back to Whyville, and I really think she deserves this recognition. We love you, Eden!



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