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The Whyville Times Awards are Back!

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Hello fellow Whyvillians!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce the second annual Whyville Times Awards! The articles have been written, the issues published, and the discussions have raged. Now it is time to recognize the best of the best. This is when we offer congratulations to all of the writers who have displayed their amazing abilities throughout the year.

Before we move on to the categories, I'd like to thank Cobd again for her tremendous dedication and work with starting these awards. She is a true Whyvillian and Times Writer and her efforts will always be treasured.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the awards, this is how they work. Cobd and I have selected a panel of writers who have contributed greatly to the Times throughout the year. The panelists email their nominations for each category to me, and then the articles/writers who receive the most nominations are then voted upon by the entire community.

Following the voting, we will hold a ceremony in the Greek Theater, where the winners will have a chance to give a speech and everyone can celebrate this past year in the Times.

Here are the categories:

Article of the Year - Article of the Year will be simply awarded to the best article this year. Whether it's informative, entertaining, useful, provocative or just plain well-written, this article should stand out amongst all of the other articles this year.

Contribution to the Times Award - The purpose of this award is to recognize someone who has given a lot to the Whyville Times this year. This could be through articles, poems, BBS discussions, contests, columns . . . you name it. This person will have really contributed to making the Times great.

Breakthrough Article of the Year - This could be someone's first or second article which has really stood out amongst articles even by accomplished Times writers. This award is to commemorate a real gem of a writer that is maybe not quite a household name yet.

Science Chicago Award - The Science Chicago Award, named after Science Chicago for giving us some really interesting scientific articles this year, is to honor an outstanding, informative and original scientific article.

Why Award - This is the article that best shows off how fantastic our town is. An article that really shows Whyville off for how amazing it is. The most Whyvilley article as it were. It doesn't need to be an article solely about Whyville but it should really big us up.

Interview of the Year - This award is to recognize some of the people who do real, quality interviews. Those interviews that are worth reading and where the interviewer has such good interview technique, they can get the perfect set of information.

Collaboration of the Year - It's hard to write an article on your own let alone to do it with more than one person! This award is for outstanding articles written by two or more people.

Help Article of the Year - This is for those articles designed to help all of us figure out all of the various quirks of Whyville. This should be very helpful, informative and well-written.

Comic of the Year - There have been some FANTASTIC comics this year and this award has been created to honor them.

Report of the Year - This is for an article reporting on an event in Whyville that has not only informed us but entertained us as well.

Entertainment Prize - This prize is for those people who have really entertained us this year. Those articles that always kept us smiling. Please do not focus on comics as the sole source of entertainment in the Times as they most definitely are not. Entertaining stories, editorials, fiction count too!

The Poetry Prize - For an outstanding poem this year. One where the poet has truly grasped the art of poetry, an original idea, or something that just makes you go, "Wow!"

The Prose Prize - For an outstanding piece of Creative Writing this year. This is mainly aimed at fictional stories but any piece of Creative Writing can be included. This has to be interesting, engaging and well-written.

Award for Outstanding Column - It takes real commitment from a writer to continue an article into a series or a column. This award is for columns and series' that have shown continuing good quality and dedication or possibly have not started off very big but grown into something fantastic.

The selected panelists will be receiving an email this week with instructions on submitting their nominations. We are also working on a new prize, so all of our new winners will receive something special!

Looking forward to the awards,
Times Editor


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