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A History Lesson In Progress

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The universe is a very odd thing. Sometimes I think about the whole scheme of things. Do I really add up to anything? I am nothing compared to the many faces that sit at my fingertips in my school book.

I am nothing standing next to Gandhi. He changed the face of protests and India in all one fail swoop. Who am I compared to that? I am a bug on the bottom of Alexander the Great's shoe. He lead his militia across Europe expanding his empire and making it the best it could be. I am a small spec on the soil of the Earth. I am nothing compared to the faces of our time. Andrea Gibson makes stories with her poems helping people understand. She's brave enough to be a gay activist and a feminist activist.

The people who are frowned upon are often the ones who get praise long after they have died. Because they are courageous enough to be that person. The person that isn't afraid to be different. The person that isn't afraid to be killed. Martin Luther King Jr. spread his dream to as many hungry ears as he could. The seeds that he planted in their ears eventually grew into trees in their souls. His dream is still heard in the voice of children on the street, that they wouldn't have without him.

I am nothing but I plan to be something. I want to be that person that children read about. I plan to be that history lesson. Just when you think the last inch of hope has been lynched from the world, out comes someone that can rally us together. They organize us, build us up, give us speeches like the one from "Independence Day".

I ant to be a graphic artist. But who am I next to Van Gogh? During his time that said he was insane. But now we view him as a genius and art students study him across the world. He was a genius at what he does. When someone is different we label them as insane. I'm going to be a history lesson in planning. I'm planning to be that marked date on the timeline instead of a tiny thin line of paint on a canvas surrounded with wider, brighter lines.

Kindell. Soon To Be Read About In A History Book Near You :).


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