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Author's Note: To stop any confusion that might occur, anything that has a "*-*" statement is an action, meaning they are physically doing something. Enjoy the answers! Also thanks goes out to Jank03 for the wonderful end picture!

Hello Whyvillians and welcome to Iamtodd's Extra Special Interview of Whyville! Everyone has their opinions on Whyville and its changes. Either they love it, hate it, or don't even know what Whyville is and why they are even here. It's time we begin with our first question going out to the audience who will answer!

Iamtodd: First question, what are your opinions on Whyville, excluding the changes, just Whyville in itself? *nods*

Amanda: *flips hair* I think Whyville's a pretty cool place. I mean, it's been nine years and I'm still here.
Ps2man1: *stands* I adore Whyville! Whyville is the reason I'm talking to you today!
Desiree16: *jumps up and down like a bunny* Some things I like about Whyville are all the games you get to play and talking to others in the chat rooms. I like to learn about different places.

*Audience cheers because the blinking lights say so*

Iamtodd: Nice round! Second question, what are your opinions on the changes Whyville has made?

Amanda: *looks down at feet slightly and moves foot from side to side* At first, I was kind of sad because I missed the old Whyville. But I don't think the changes are a really big deal anymore. Some of them are kind of nice.
Ps2man1: *winks* Whyville can do no wrong! I love the changes! I want more!
Desiree16: *holds hand in air and screams, OHOH ME!* I like the changes about the scions. I like having a scion that most people don't have the ability to buy now. I don't like how people are able to buy clams, I worked hard for all of the clams I have.

*Audience does the wave and a few people fall out of their chairs. GASP.*

Iamtodd: *Rolls eyes at audience* Another good round! Third question, if any, what is your favorite change Whyville has made so far and why?

Amanda: My favorite change is the new "Pick Your Nose". It's handy and I love all of the new buttons and everything, they really help me out especially with layering.
Ps2man1: *folds hands at heart* I love them all so much!
Desiree16: My favorite change would be the scion change that I explained in my second answer above.

*Audience remains silent because the blinking light is broken*

Iamtodd: BOOOO! Who said that?! Fourth question, what is your least favorite change they have made so far and why?

Amanda: *talk to my hand, pfft!* I think pearls are pointless. I really liked our old system with the Whypasses. They just seem to make more sense to me.
Ps2man1: *scratches head slightly* I can't decide!
Desiree16: *twirls hair* My least favorite change would be the WhyPasses to Pearls . . . WhyPasses gave you the ability to go to the face factory, but you have to buy time in the face factory with Pearls.

*Audience boos because they don't like negativity. STOP THROWING RICE BOWLS, MORGAN612!*

Iamtodd: OW! Keep your bowls to yourself! *winks* Last question, what keeps you coming back to Whyville? (It's charm, of course!)

Amanda: I love signing in to Whyville in the morning and reading some of the crazy prank y-mails I get, they brighten my day! *BIG SMILE!*
Ps2man1: It's charm! *BIG SMILE!*
Desiree16: What keeps me coming back to Whyville would be my online friends and the Whyville Times of course. *BIG SMILE!*

*Audience screams because now they can go home and watch them on the show! Yak!*

Well, with that last cheer off we end the show. I hope you enjoyed yourself and let's have a big cheer for our ugly, I mean beautiful audience! *claps*

*Camera goes off and show fades away . . .*

It's over, is it over? ERM, WHERE'S MY COLD SODA?!


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