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A Letter on Pearls, Response

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Dear Whyvillians,

I am writing an open letter in response to Cobd's address to Whyvillians on the controversial issue of Pearls in conjunction with WhyPets (Article ID: #9713). I would like to thank Cobd for voicing her opinion on the issue, it was greatly appreciated and recognized. However, I would formally disagree with your points that you clearly outlined within your letter.

I am writing from a view of someone who has experienced and compared both WhyPasses and Pearls. These methods are indeed ways of which Whyvillians can support Whyville financially. Though I would have to disagree that all Whyvillians should be given equal benefits and rights. Whyville which in some regard is compared to a "second life" simulation tries to reflect real life happenings around the world and to copy and produce a real life society that reflects directly to the modern society of which we all live in today.

Now, in today's society not all people have the same rights and benefits to others, let it be at home, at work, in the playground, at school, etc. in what ever case it may be. Although, in most situations the rights and benefits are usually determined by the amount of financial support that one can give. I believe that the same thing should/does apply with Whyville. In Whyville you can earn clams (copy of real life currency) create your own business (copy of real life business and retail) and buy/drive your very own scion (copy of real life car purchasing). So why should we alter the system for one application that at the moment reflects society, which Whyville is based around.

The fact that WhyPets can only be bought through Pearls is simply an influence tool that Whyville uses to draw people to support Whyville by purchasing Pearls. WhyPets, along with Chat Candy, Akbars, etc. are a things that Whyville can use to motivate/influence their users to buy Pearls. Without these Pearl costing applications there would be near to no hope for Whyville to have a steady and reasonable income to maintain its employees and site maintenance.

I am in support of Pearls and the fact that Pearls are the only way that you are able to purchase WhyPets and other applications on Whyville.



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