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Respect Needed...

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Respect Needed...

by Tech-Girl
Guest Columnist

Everyone here in Whyvillie is very nice (that I have met) and usually you can expect them to respect you. There is a saying though, that there's always someone.

This person is called Flower and most of us know what she's doing: getting your passwords then logging in as you and changing your password so you can't get in. I was lucky enough to get an interveiw with Flower.


Tech-Girl: Why are you doing this?
Flower: Because I can.
Tech-Girl: Are you working alone?
Flower: No I'm with Catdog.
Tech-Girl: How do you feel?
Flower: I feel fine.
Tech-Girl: What do you think the people whom you have hurt will feel?
Flower: Sad & upset.

I also decided to interview someone else, so I found cheese123.

Tech-Girl: What do you think of flower and what she is doing?
cheese123: I think it's very mean, and she's not showing anyone else any respect.
Tech-Girl: Do you think flower should stop? And why?
cheese123: Yes, she should stop. Why? Everyone knows!
Tech-Girl: If you could tell Flower one thing what would it be?
cheese123: Flower what you're doing isn't funny or nice. Stop. Please.

Everyone knows here that everyone should treat everyone with RESPECT so why don't we? Remember, we need to earn respect by being nice to everyone else.

Flower you know that you need to stop. So please let's end this by saying sorry and let's start again.

WARNING: If you know that Flower is close to gaining your password please change it.

This is Tech-Girl signing off :)


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