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This week, we would like to extend thanks to all the generous citizens who purchased Why-Passes over the last three months for some of the best news to ever hit our town: Whyville has added a new server!

For almost 3 years, our town has been making do with one computer. At times, we were barely limping along. Now, with some added computing power, Whyville should run more smoothly, respond more quickly, and best of all, hold more citizens!

City Hall tells me that they're still making sure everything's working smoothly because, as you can imagine, setting up a new server is a pretty complex thing. So, if you run across a glitch, please let them know.

There is one important thing to make clear: this doesn't mean there'll be no more Waiting Room. More people will be able to get in at a time, but there are just plain too many Whyvillians wanting to get in.

This also doesn't mean there'll be no more Why-Passes. In fact, we need Why-Passes more than ever, because now we have to pay to keep two servers up and running, not just one. I hear from City Hall that this costs about \$1500 a month! So folks, please, your continuing support is as important as ever!

In other news, last week's paper stirred up quite the response in our community! Articles about "oldbies and newbies" have positively flooded the Times' Inbox -- I had to swim to get to my coffee Monday morning!!

But seriously, folks, you've sent in some fantastic articles, and only a hair's breadth is shown in this week's paper. I'll try to publish the best and most interesting in the weeks to come, but I'm still going to have to send to the circular file (a.k.a. the trash) articles which would otherwise make me proud to publish.

I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication to Whyville and to the Times -- for your passion, your thoughtfulness, and your patience, with me, City Hall, and each other.

Thanks, and keep writing!
The Editor



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