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Peace Out

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Peace Out

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Dear Whyvillians,

I am writing this article because of the recent debacle with the oldbies and the newbies. I would like to ask everyone, why does it matter? I am an oldbie. I have been coming on Whyville since the end of 2000. Most people say I am an oldbie. Well, I just say: I am a Whyvillian.

I talk to newbies. I try talking to oldbies. The fact is for me, people, is that friends are pretty hard to come by on Whyville. Even though I have been on Whyville for a very long time, I am still ignored like many newbies.

A little tip for people: don't even try to talk to the "popular" people. My friends on Whyville include MonkeyGrl, Toyko, Alienman1, Roxyhotty, Sp3shial, Leia, Eyecheer7, HackMonky, Lychee, Shellbert, Tass, Taze, Laurini, AngelBayb, BreeCakes, Destiny7, Daddle, Amanda, Norite, Purchse and cookydots. As you can see, though I am not as "popular" as some of these people, who are truly kind and generous. They befriended me with no objection to talking with an unpopular person.

There are other people out there, though, who don't care who you are. They are just too cool to talk to people they don't already know. It is quite annoying, but that is fine. They can be bitter, they can be harsh, they can call me ugly all they'd like to. The fact of the matter is they will never get to know what kind of great people we are. They will go on and they will cuss you out in whisper, later to deny it in front of people. That is their choice.

Newbies and oldbies are alike. The only difference is oldbies forget how hard it was to make friends, get clams, and nice face parts when they first started!!! I remember how hard it was. I talk to newbies. I talk to some oldbies. I help newbies. I help some oldbies. I don't care who you are!!! I will talk to you!!

I am not saying I am the perfect Whyvillian. I have done many wrong things in my life. That's fine! Most people forgave me! As of tomorrow, (and I am writing this January 27, 2002), I will be quitting GrriesYEA. I will be moving on to a new name that I can start over on. I will no longer be the old me. I will be someone else. At the moment, I can not divulge who I'll be. You will probably guess who I am because I will look the same as I did on my account GrriesYEA. All I can tell you is that I am right now running a contest.

I will be journeying to many rooms and seeing who is fighting. More importantly, though, I will see who is nice. The winner of my Nicest Person in Whyville award will recieve 100 clams from me, and POSSIBLY a one month Why-Pass. When you see a newbie with nothing but a red face, you will know it is time for the contest.


Peace Out.
Formerly GrriesYea
Now... who am I?



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