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Running: Part 2

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Author's Note: By now, I'm sure you have a lot of questions. Who is Adrian? What happened? When will Monet1616 quit stalling and get to the point? I can answer only one of those, and that's when Monet1616 will quit stalling. Here's part two, like I promised!

Doctor Marina Campbell's office smelled like mothballs and old lady perfume, and it was small and crowded. As I sat in the small leather chair and waited for her to come back in the office, I noticed that my locket was opened. I took it off of my neck and opened it up, revealing a small picture of myself and a very handsome boy. Who was he? I stared down at his long, thick hair that was neatly pulled back in a ponytail, and I tried to recall last night's events. I saw him last night, he was one of those images in my head. There were so many of him, he was happy in one, sad in another, and angry in a different one.

"Adrian . . . I'm positive that this is him," I whispered as soon as Doctor Marina walked into the room. She gently lifted my locket from my palms and stared at it, smiling softly. "Do you remember anything else?" She sat down and offered me a cookie, which I softly declined. "Last night, I had a dream that I was running through some thick woods. The soles of my feet and my legs were being torn at by the shrubs and rocks, but I kept running." I paused so she could finish writing and I could drink some of my water. "Monique, you're doing great. Any more to that?" She was becoming impatient with me, and it was starting to irritate me.

I finished the story, and then she asked me about those painful images that had cut into my soul last night. My eyes watered over, and I stared at the floor. "All of Adrian, or whoever this boy is," I whispered as I held my hand over my heart, where the locket hung so gracefully. She scribbled something else down. "Can you remember distinctly how Adrian looked in them?" Doctor Marina was starting to pry too deep. "In one, he was in a football uniform. He looked angry, and he was holding the ball in his arm, like he was running it. But he wasn't, because it was more of a posed shot. I was standing next to him in a cheerleading uniform. In the other one, he was smiling, but his hair was braided and he was holding a basketball. I guess he was really athletic, because he had a golf club in another and looked very serious."

One fugitive tear ran down my cheek, I was crying for someone I didn't know. "Doctor Marina," I whispered. She looked up at me, concerned, but listening. "Is it possible to miss someone you never had? Or to miss someone you have no memory of?" She nodded softly, and smiled. "You miss him. I can see it in your eyes that you're missing a part of yourself, you're crying for help inside. You just want to be free of this unawareness." She stood up and helped me out of the chair. "You should leave, I don't want to go too fast with you." I shook her hand and ran out the door.

Asia sat in the hallway and stood up as soon as she saw me walk out. "Are you okay, Monique?" I was numb, tears burned beneath my eyelids, and I wanted to scream out in pain and agony. "Let's just go. But I want you to take me somewhere, and I know you remember where it is," I muttered angrily. "Where is it, Monique? I'll take you anywhere you want to go." Asia pulled her keys out from her pocket and we started walking to the car. "Take me to that clearing in those woods. Take me so that way I can see what I saw so long ago."

We started to pull out from in the parking lot, and Asia sighed deeply. "You were very messed up when we found you in those woods. Your legs and feet were cut up badly, and you had cried so much, we thought you had lost it. You were hugging that tree, the one you said you remembered last night. I was scared, I thought I was going to lose you like you had lost . . ." Her voice trailed off. She was crying softly, but still crying. "Don't cry. I'm here, and I'm not leaving," I held her free hand, and she sniffled. "I'm not crying for you," Asia whispered. "I'm crying for Adrian. You loved him so much, Monique. We loved him so much." I sighed softly and wiped away some more of my tears. "I'm not supposed to be telling you this, but you and Adrian were voted the couple most likely to get married." I stared ahead, shocked by that revelation. "So Adrian was . . . my boyfriend?" I asked Asia, who nodded softly. "He still is, Monique." We turned into the woods, and another series of memories flooded through my mind.

Running again, but not away from anything, to something. With something. With Adrian, of course. He stopped and laughed a beautiful laugh, and held my hands in his. The stars in the night sky lit up the brown earth beneath my feet, and Adrian presented me with something. Something that made me cry tears of joy. But it was fading away, and I don't know what I was presented with. "Asia, let me out." I muttered as I returned slowly. "For your own good, I'm not unlocking this car," Asia said softly. "I don't know how to work your stupid alien car's locks! Just unlock the door!" I said with a giggle after it. "Alien car? Okay, here. If you run I'm calling the police," Asia warned me. I stepped out and the cold night air hit me like a rock. I turned to the clearing and walked, and once again, it grew further and further away from me.


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