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Hello, fellow music maniacs! It's lovely432, remember me?! Yes, I'm back after an extremely long and much needed break from the Times and Whyville. I just want to say that I'm extremely sorry for not warning you ahead of time that I was going to be gone. I was extremely busy these past five months adjusting to everything going on with my life and just couldn't find time to write! I know . . . sad, right? Anyway, I'm pretty sure that most of you fellow Whyvillians thought this column died out, right? Ha ha ha . . . WRONG! It is indeed alive and well! Now, enough of me-talk. Let's get this article STARTED!

Anywho, I hope you like the band I found this week! They're pretty good, in my opinion.

Introducing (drum roll) . . . I Nine!

"It's what you didn't say that told me I'd get hurt again." - I Nine, "Seven Days of Lonely"

Where - I Nine is a true American band that comes from the town of Orangeburg in the good ol' state of South Carolina, USA. Although I couldn't find an exact date, it is said that the band was born somewhere around the year 2004.

Members - There are four members total in the band I Nine. They are Carmen Keigans (lead vocals), Bryan Gibson (lead guitar and cello), Matt Heath (bass), and Brian Whitman (guitar). Carmen, Bryan, and Matt played together in another band previous to I Nine. When that band broke up in 2004, they met up with Brian and formed I Nine.

Genre - I Nine is mostly a great mix of pop rock and plain old rock, with a little sprinkle of folk and a spoonful of alternative rock mixed in.

Albums and Releases - I Nine released their first EP, Live EP, on the 27th of Septmeber in 2005. The EP contains a total of six songs on it. Two of those six songs happen to be "Colored Blind" and "Ickis Wish". On February 19, 2008, I Nine released yet another EP, appropriately titled The EP. The EP is very short (duh, it's an EP) and has only four songs on it, which includes the songs "Beckon" and "Change Nothing". Just a few months later, on April 29, 2008, the band releases their debut full-length album titled Heavy Weighs the King. "Seven Days of Lonely", "Don't Wanna", and "I'm Alive" are just three of the 11 songs on Heavy Weighs the King. The album was only digitally released, which means that you can only buy it through the use of the mighty Internet. However, the band has said that they might physically release the album, so look for it in stores soon!

Labels - I Nine is currently signed on to a label called J Records.

Appeals To - I Nine would probably mostly appeal to pop rock listeners. I personally think I Nine is worth listening to. Their songs seem to always have a catchy, easy-to-follow rhythm along with a folksy but still rock-like sound. Carmen's faintly raspy voice has a really down-to-earth feel to it and is just simply mesmerizing to listen too. Some of I Nine's songs, like "Beckon", also seem to have a sort of different country feel to them. Anyways, if this seems like some of the music you like to listen to, please check them out! Who knows? They just might be your new favorite band!

Interesting Facts - Remember the 2005 released movie, Elizabethtown? You know, the one with the amazingly adorable Orlando Bloom in it? Yeah, well, I Nine is featured in the movie soundtrack. The band actually performed a song written by the director of the movie too! Cool, huh?

Another fact is their name, I Nine. The group was inspired to name their band I Nine after reading a science fiction novel called Cat's Cradle by an author named Kurt Vonnegut.

Unfortunately, this is the end of this installment to "Music You Gotta Hear". Thanks for reading! Tune in next week for more exciting, new bands!

Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy other-important-and-significant-holiday-you're-celebrating!

This is Lovely432, going to bake gingerbread people!

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