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Get a Grip

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Get a Grip

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You know, this is getting old. REALLY old. When I was new here, back in the time when Charity was just getting started, people were NICE. I didn't have to worry about finding good outfits, I'd ask around if anyone had spare clothes and they'd come flooding in. If I wanted someone to talk with about the problems in life, I'd have several of my newfound friends coming over and listening.

But that's all changed. Today I walk out of the house I share and find oppression and anger throughout Whyville. Pour quoi? Because everyone seems to be so mad that newbies are clogging up the system so their friends can't get in, or they're mad because a newbie snowballs them.

People, GET A GRIP. It's like discrimination between white and blacks -- instead of different colors of pigments, we have people with different time periods. Is it really so hard to help a newbie that's confused about how to make clams? Or to tell them that it's not really nice to beg for clams, and that you can make your own by playing games?

I'm a Why-Mail Helper, and I get asked many of these things by newbies, and occasionally they ask for any extra clothes or heads, which I'll give. If you don't like to donate to Grandma, maybe you can find a newbie in need and send them some nice extra things you don't want. I mean, do you really NEED those ten extra hairdos and dresses that you thought looked nice with your eyes but really don't? It won't hurt you to be nice to a newbie. What have they done to you?

However, I'm not saying that newbies are perfect angels. I know I sure wasn't! Oldies, although not almighty gods you should bow to, deserve a bit of respect. For instance, if you see someone who is either well-known as an oldie or looks rather old (figuratively), don't go up and pester them endlessly for clams and gossip. If you're really in need of a helping hand, ask, "Excuse me, I was wondering if you had any spare clothing parts you don't need that I might be able to have?", or "Hi, I'm ______, nice to meet you." You might actually want to be friends with this person, instead of shrugging them off as some oldie who hates all newbies. Don't forget, we were newbies once. In a nicer society, yes, but that was only because we worked at it as well.

Finally, I point out that if people were just a bit nicer to one another, we might actually get along. Oldies, invite a newbie to come talk with you! Ask them how they're doing and how they like Whyville so far. Newbies, go up to people and make friends! If you need something, ask nicely instead of yelling, "GIVEMECLAMSNOW". It'll make Whyville a better place.

I close this with a simple dare. I dare every single one of you who reads this to say hi and how are you to five people you don't know, newbies or oldies, black or white. After all, we're all people, aren't we?

- Renni



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