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Labelled as an Oldbie

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Labeled as an Oldbie

Guest Writer

This is 08 here with you! Today I'm writing this article about the label "Oldbie" and "Newbie". I know you citizens have probably read tons of articles about this HUGE subject (especially this week!), but I've come to add in my two cents.

Now, I think I've been on Whyville for about 2 years almost, so I'm assuming I'm labeled as an Oldbie? From the articles I'm reading, Oldbies seem like a race of people who aren't cool, or popular.

Since when did all these new "popular" cliques come up? I mean, in a population of about 150,000 citizens, how do you KNOW if you're popular? Maybe you think you are popular, but you aren't. Besides, who wants to be labeled popular? This is just online chat! People come on here to chat and make friends, not win a popularity contest!

To tell you the truth, whenever I come to the Pool, I don't see much prejudice against newbies except for the occasional "GET OFF MY FACE U NEWB" and all those comments. It's not much, but really, those comments almost make me ashamed of being an Oldbie. It's because people are starting to label Whyvillians like me oldbies that makes me ashamed in the first place, though. I find it really sad to see oldbies treating newbies like dirt. Please bear in mind that not ALL oldbies are like that! I get tired of reading articles that stereotype Oldbies as evil and hating all newbies.

Now let's get to the newbies. I know that there are tons of newbies and I've even tried helping those newbies, only to find out they didn't need my help after all. But that doesn't discourage me from helping other newbies.

I also find that people write articles trying to help newbies, but they instead label them as ugly, like saying "Remember everyone, we were once ugly, poor newbies too!" That doesn't sound too encouraging, does it? Since when were newbies ugly? Sure, they don't have enough clams to design a face they want, but newbies aren't ugly! All these parts on Whyville are just cartoonist parts, so I wouldn't stress out too much on looks. But of course, everyone wants to look the way they want to look.

And yes, a lot of newbies beg for clams. I think that they should earn their own clams, but they do need a little boost once in a while from us veterans.

Wow, I've got to mention the fashion boom that has blown up in my face a couple of times. I see a lot of common faces, but I think they are nice. I know my face is one of those other stereotyped faces, but it's not Halloween anymore and since the limit of no more than 20 face parts being used, I can't put on my eye-wall background. No matter! I don't mind... I'll find some way to get a new Halloween costume, but that's about another 10 months away!

I'm getting a little off topic, but I want to put in a little mental note. One person whom I think has one of the most creative faces I have ever seen is rejected... Rejected2, rejected3, rejected4, and his other s/n's. From time to time he changes his face but it's always different and creative!

I guess I should end this article right about now. My point is, I'm no longer proud to be labeled as an oldbie because of all the prejudice against us, and how other oldbies treat newbies. I think that the whole cause of this problem is fashion. A lot of people (not everyone) judge who they want to be their friends by their Whyville faces. That doesn't seem right!

I still love Whyville and hopefully in time these new labels will blend in and either disappear or be respectful instead of hurtful. I mean, I can't really tell who's been a veteran for 1 year, or 3 months! Where does the label "oldbie" start? When does the label "newbie" stop? Those are some questions to think about, but that's all for now! Prepare for a new day in Whyville!

Later everyone!

-08- =)



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