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The Other Side

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The Other Side

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Hi, this is Smurfette,

I am considered an oldbie on here even though I don't think a year and a half is long... but anyway. There has been lots of talk about oldbies being mean to the newbies. Not all of us who have been here for a long time are so mean. It's just that some of those people think they are smarter at Whyville than most of the people who are new. This is usually true though. We don't always mean to be mean when we say, "We know more about Whyville than you", because we usually do only because we have been on longer and play more.

I also wonder about the people in the middle. You know, the people that are not quite newbies, yet not quite oldbies. What do they think? It's like we are putting them in the middle, and making them choose sides.

My point is that you shouldn't say ALL oldbies are mean. Just like you don't like it when we say all newbies are ugly (which I don't). I understand that there can be very mean oldbies on here, and I do not consider myself one. I am very proud yet very ashamed to be an oldbies. The oldbies that are being mean are giving the rest of us oldbies a bad rep.

I am considered a young oldbie though since I've only been on a year and a half, but I still know just as much as everyone else does about Whyville. But maybe the newbies should take the oldbies advice in a positive way, instead of taking it as an insult and fussing over it and making it a big deal.

Now, about banning people and saying people should have to visit Whyville once every like 6 months or else their account is deleted -- I think not, because what if your computer crashes or something, and you have to get it fixed or even get a new one? That could take longer then a couple weeks, trust me!!! It's happened to me before. And if you worked so hard on your account and all of a sudden it was deleted, that wouldn't be fair, now would it?

So, I'm sorry if this offends people, which it probably will, and they will make a big deal of it like always, but it was my honest opinion. And I know it seems rude, but as I write this article it is with anger in my heart. Knowing that my beloved Whyville has turned into this, where people make big deals out of some stupid little thing, and people think they have the right to place people into groups. Well, it sickens me, and I have even considered leaving Whyville, the game that I have been working so hard on a for a year and a half... but it's too depressing for me to see people doing this to each other.

So, I'll hopefully write again next week (if I haven't quit).




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