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Hiya, fellow Times readers! It's lovely432 (duh!), back with more exciting and addicting music to tell you about. I hope you like who I found this week. I know I sure do!

So, before I go on, let me introduce you to . . . Owl City!

"Are you there, or are you just a decoy dream in my head?" -Owl City, "On the Wing"

Warning - Yeah, this is an article with a warning label. Be jealous. Ha ha ha, ok, so I should probably tell you that Owl City is NOT a band. I repeat: Owl City is most definitely NOT a band. It's just one guy. Get it, got it, good! Now you won't get confused when I talk about him. Now, with that out of the way, you may continue.

Where - Owl City (a.k.a an amazingly talented guy named Adam Young) hails from Owatonna, Minnesota in the USA. It is said that Adam made Owl City somewhere around the year of 2007.

Members - Adam Young, of course! That was easy to find out, wasn't it?

Genre - Owl City's music can probably fit into two specific genres. They are electronica and pop. Owl City perfectly mixes these two different genres to create a unique and interesting sound.

Albums and Releases - Owl City released his first album, titled Of June, in the month of August in 2007. Of June is a little short for an album, only having seven songs in all on it, but it is still worth listening to. Two of those seven songs are "Fuzzy Blue Lights" and "Captains and Cruise Ships." Quite recently, in March of 2008, Owl City released his sophomore album, called Maybe I'm Dreaming. Maybe I'm Dreaming is a wee bit longer than Owl City's previous album. It contains twelve songs in all. "The Saltwater Room," "West Coast Friendship," and "Rainbow Veins" are just a three of those twelve songs in the album.

Labels - Owl City, or Adam Young, isn't currently signed on to any labels. Both of his albums were released without labels too.

Appeals To - Owl City's music would probably appeal to pop-lovers who wouldn't mind listening to some electronic-like music also. Owl City has a unique and rare sound in his songs that is very soothing to listen to. His songs seem to flow freely and usually center on interesting places in the world, happiness, and poetic joy. Owl City creates a carefree atmosphere through his lyrics. To me, his music can simply be described as poetry sung out loud. If you are ever feeling stressed out or just plain ole sad, listen to one of his songs. I guarantee that they will cheer you up!

Interesting Facts - One interesting fact is that, like I said before, Owl City is not a band, despite what some people think. It is the name Adam Young goes by in his music. Another interesting fact is that most of Owl City's songs were created late at night. It is said that Adam Young has a hard time sleeping, and whenever he can't fall asleep, he writes songs. A last interesting fact is that Owl City is not Adam's only musical project. He has two other side projects. One is Swimming With Dolphins, which he is working on with a friend named Austin Tofte. The other project is Port Blue. Between the three projects, A dam has said that Owl City is his main musical project.

Well, I guess this is the end of the article. I hope you found out a lot about Owl City. If it seems like the kind of stuff you would like, be sure to listen to a couple of his songs! Tune in next week for more "Music You Gotta Hear"!

This is Lovely432, going to study for mid-terms!

Author's Note: Sources: http://www.last.fm/music/Swimming+With+Dolphins


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