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How We Can Help: Save the Earth: Part 3

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Welcome back to "How We Can Help: Save the Earth"! This article is going to be more focused on saving electricity than the others. I have specially included a project on how to save a lot of electricity, and I hope you find it useful!

Electricity is a very important thing in the life of many people. Almost everyone's life revolves around electricity. We need it for sources of entertainment, work, help, and efficiency. For example, my dad's job is building robot arms to use in factories. If there was no electricity, then there would be no need for robotic arms. Now that's just one example!

My aunt just had a huge snowstorm at her house. Tons of trees got knocked over onto the electricity lines, and everything is stopped. That made her realize how much she depended on electricity. She had to go to her friend's house, across town, to check her e-mail, charge her phone, take a shower, and eat a warm meal.

One idea, that really helped reduce electricity usage at my school, can really help other people, too. Here are some step-by-step directions on how to make these simple electricity savers:

1. Find all the light switch panels in your house (the square panels that have the light switches on them) and measure how big each one is. On a piece of paper, draw a rectangle exactly the same size as each of the panels that you measured. Now match them up to each panel, and draw a little rectangle where the light switch would be.

2. Now hold your piece of paper up next to your light switch.

3. The next thing to do, is take a black marker and write "TURN ME OFF!" on it. Decorate it any way you want. Add some colors to the background, glue on some beads; whatever you like.

4. Lastly, with parents' permission, tape it to your light switch panel.

Make sure that you have a piece of tape on each side or else it won't stay on very well. Also, I would like if you could remember to use as little tape as possible! Reduce your waste!

Now you have your very own reminder. You might want to make it as bright and colorful as possible, so that if someone is walking away, they see the bright colors out of the corner of their eye, and think, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot to turn off the lights!" Have fun creating your project! With you parents permission, you can put them on all of the light switches in your house to help reserve electricity even more!



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