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Make Your Resolution

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We're ringing in the New Year, what are some of the things you have to do? Yes, the traditional countdown, maybe a huge party with your friends and family, but wait! There's one important thing you should all want to do. What is it you ask? Make a New Year's resolution, of course!

To make your resolution, you have to decide what you're going to do in the New Year. It could range from shaving off a couple of pounds that are making you overweight or gaining some weight to raising your grades in school or changing your work ethic. The possibilities are endless! How are you going to stick to this? By following these easy steps, you should definitely be able to keep an unbroken resolution.

1. Don't make your resolution too hard to accomplish.

I can't stress that enough. If you make a hard resolution, like "make a million dollars", you aren't going to reach your goal. Make it something that you can accomplish, but not too easy. You can never have too good a resolution, so be sure to have it as something that will help you and others in the long run.

2. Don't have too many. Tackle things one at a time.

If you have maybe two or three resolutions, that's okay, but having around ten or more is biting off more than you can chew. Remember, it's only a competition between you and yourself, and the competition is not to see how many you can break, but what you can accomplish. Try taking things slow. Start off with two, then work up to three or four the next year, and if you don't get past a certain amount, stay one resolution below that amount.

3. Write down your resolution(s).

Make sure you keep them in mind. If you aren't thinking about your resolutions, then you might not accomplish them. Keep them under your pillow or in a place you will see them, then you'll remember daily that you have to accomplish your goals.

4. Try not to be selfish.

Have you been a total jerk this year? Have you been a bit evil to your teachers, coaches, or parents? Try to be nicer in the next year! Have you been letting people step all over you and your friends? Stand up to them for yourself and your friends. The possibilities are endless!

5. Don't hurt yourself or anyone while trying to accomplish your goals. It's not about pain, it's about endurance and gain.

If you think there is a high chance you will physically or emotionally hurt yourself or someone, don't go through with it. The point of a resolution is to better yourself, not make yourself look like a total jerk by hurting someone or yourself.

That just about wraps it all up! Happy New Year's to all, and remember to try for your resolution!



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