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Who I Prayed For On Christmas

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I haven't been writing articles lately, mostly because I have been really busy. This article may, or may not explain why. Before I get into what the title of this article means, I have to tell you what started all of this.

It's my first year in high school. Of course I have been in it for a few months now but I hadn't joined any teams or activities going on in the school. I was waiting for basketball.

I listened on the announcements to see when it was. But I never heard anything. I desperately wanted to join so I went and talked to the lady who coaches it. I told her I wanted to join and go out for the tryouts that were in a few days. She got down my name, phone number and grade.

When I went to the tryout, I didn't notice any familiar faces. There were 19 people in total, including me and I didn't recognize anyone. As it turns out, I was the only in eighth grade.

Did this discourage me? Yes of course it did! I knew no one. I was alone. I sat away from the other girls on the bench trying not to look at anyone (I'm pretty shy . . .) but then this girl came up to me and introduced herself. I think she's like grade ten . . . she told me that her name was Reiss and then I told her mine.

The list went up the next week to see who got on and who didn't. I was doubting that I got on seeing as all the other girls were older, and definitely more experienced than me. But I looked at the list anyways.

I scrolled down the names until I actually found mine, and I got on! I was extremely happy, but also afraid. I looked at the name under mine, and Reiss made it too! By now I was bursting with joy!

During practices, she would give me pointers, and help me do things better. I really liked her, and the other girls were really friendly too!

It was our second game, away not home, and she arrived at the opposing school's gym looking fine and healthy. About halfway through the game, my stomach started hurting so I had to run to the bathroom ready to throw up. I'm lactose intolerant and I ate cheese . . .

When I came back into the gym, the game was just finishing. All our team was looking at someone on the bench. As I got closer, all I could see was a girl sweating and noticeably ill. That girl was Reiss! She couldn't hold her head up straight, she was falling over, sweating so much her hair was matted to her face and her mascara was running down her cheeks. She was trembling uncontrollably.

It was scary.

Her parents weren't at the game, she came with a friend. I had to leave but I found out later that she was taken to the hospital.

Everyone was saying that something was wrong with her heart. It made me feel sick hearing that.

A few days later I heard that she was still in the hospital.

The following Saturday (the date of the game that she got sick was Tuesday, December 16) I checked her facebook account, only to learn that she was flown to a hospital in a bigger city.

This Christmas, I prayed for her to get better, and I hope she does.



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