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HPV Vaccination

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Last week I wrote an article about how this girl got really sick, and from my previous knowledge, it was because something was wrong with her heart. But recently I heard that it wasn't something to do with her heart, but her nerves. It was from an HPV vaccination.

The vaccination is a fairly new vaccination recommended for 11 and 12 year old girls, and also girls through the ages of 13-26. The HPV vaccination (or "Human Papillomavirus") is to prevent certain types of cervical cancer and genital warts.

With this vaccination being so new, they don't exactly know what kind of side effects it may have. The vaccination has been declared "safe" by CDC, but is it really? I mean my friend was paralyzed for a while because of this vaccine!

You have to get the vaccination three times over six months. The first time my friend got the shot, she had severe headaches. The second time she got the shot, her nerves went crazy, and she was paralyzed for a brief time and in a wheel chair. As you can probably tell, I doubt she will be getting the third.

Apparently, some common side effects of this vaccine is a sore arm from where they use the needle, and fainting. Obviously these scientists hadn't heard of what happened to my poor friend. I hope she will tell these people what happened to her, and share her story so they can learn from that and perfect their vaccination.

Where I live, the vaccine is given in school to sixth and ninth grade girls. They tell the girls that if they don't get it they risk getting HPV. The most serious thing that has been reported to the people who monitor this vaccination, was Guillain-Barre Syndrome, that causes muscle weakness, sounds sort of like what happened to my friend but I think what happened to her was much, much more extreme.

What happened to my friend is the most extreme known side effect, but very rare. It has been tested on thousands of young women and girls with only mild side effects. HPV Vaccination is said to prevent HPV and related diseases, but it doesn't protect you against 30% of cervical cancers. If you think about it, that's quite a lot that you're not protected from. So I wonder, is the risk worth it? It's different for everyone.

If you want to get the vaccine, if you feel it's a good idea, the cost is around $370-$375 for the whole set, that sounds like quite a lot for something that's still in the testing stage . . .

I really tried not to get into any of the sex talk here seeing as the audience ranges, and I'm sorry if I sound really negative about this vaccination, but look what it did to my friend. I'm writing this to warn girls, to research this as much as they can before they make the decision to get this shot. The chances are rare, but you could end up like my friend. I'm sorry I don't have anything good to say about this vaccination, because I truly hate it from the bottom of my heart.

Be safe.

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