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The 2008 Whyville Times Awards Winners

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The 2008 Whyville Times Awards ceremony was held on Sunday, Jan. 4th 2009 at 4pm Whytime in the Greek Theater. It was a lot of fun and I definitely can't wait for next year! I hope you all had a great time.

Everyone worked really hard this year, and I really appreciate your dedication to the Times. This is your newspaper, and you all give it its heart, and I thank you for that!

So here are the winners:

Article of the Year:
A TIE!!!
My Goldfish by BabyPowdr
Perfection by xo7joa7ox

Contribution to the Times:

Breakthrough Article of the Year:
Anger, Pearls, and a Broken Keyboard by LowOnSoap

Science Chicago Award:
What Your Handwriting Says About You by Nerdishh

Why Award:
What I LOVE about Whyville by Cobd

Interview of the Year:
Flawed Fashion: What is Beauty? by Holiday50

Collaboration of the Year:
Scars Left Behind by Gaso1 and Cohenlm

Help Article of the Year:
Flawed Fashion: Girls by Holiday50

Comic of the Year:
The Scion Stealing Ninja: Part One by Morgan612, nicenfun, and Sport06

Report of the Year:
Whyville Prom 2008 by Eric5675

Entertainment Prize
Silly City Workers: Whydating Woes Part 1 by Holiday50

The Poetry Prize:
The Color of Love by HAPHBAKED (ImForLove)

The Prose Prize:
Love Letter by Antier

Award for Outstanding Column:
Seriously Funny Investigations - Morgan612

Congratulations to all of our winners! Here's to 2009 and everything that will be in the Times, I have a feeling it is going to be the best year yet!


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