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Surviving Winter: New Year's Resolutions

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Hi everybody, it's Miley7311 and this is the last issue of "Surviving Winter". I have learned so much with this series and now I know what I can improve, and also what I've done wrong. I know I have had my ups and downs, but when something goes wrong, you just have to hop back up and try until you can make things better. With this being my first ever short series in the Times, I think most of it went pretty well. Despite last week's fall with my Christmas special, my articles were three and four stars, and that's enough for me. So here it is. The last issue of "Surviving Winter". Happy New Year!

This week I will give tips on New Year's resolutions.

It's that time of year. The beginning of a new start. It is time you take down the tree and make your New Year's resolutions. A favorite of some is to get in shape or get organized. Others want to read more books, or spend more time with the family. No matter what your New Year's resolution is, it's important to stick with it. Many people last about a week and then they could care less. Here are some tips on how to stick to your own New Year's resolution:

1. Set your mind on the prize: We all have moments when we no longer care about our New Year's resolutions and just want to move on with our life. What helps me is to think positive, keep my eye on the prize, which in what will happen if I stick to it, and then how great it will feel when the goal is accomplished.

2. Get started soon: If you put it off, it may never get done. Think of it this way, "If you had to pay the house mortgage, but you decided to wait for a while, and day after day you kept putting it off, you would owe a lot of money or even lose your house. But if you paid it on time, you would have that task out of the way and keep your house."

3. Don't change it: Once you have a good one picked, stick to it. Don't keep changing it, or you'll just have more to do. If you are the type who normally changes in the middle, don't this time.

4. Reward yourself: For example, if your resolution is to read more books, every time you finish one, treat yourself to a nice dinner, or buy yourself a treat.

New Year's resolutions may be hard to stick with, so don't pick one that you know you aren't capable of doing. For example, as opposed to opening up a coffee shop, start your own small business selling homemade coffee or working at a coffee shop. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you start small and simple.

Some New Year's resolution ideas:

1. Improve your report card
2. Get in shape
3. Make a new friend
4. Spend more time with friends and family
5. Read more books
6. Help others more
7. Get organized
8. Don't cuss (I don't cuss, but many kids do, and this should be at the top of your list if you are one of them)
9. Be friendlier in the BBS (LoL)

That's all for "Surviving Winter". I hope you enjoyed at least one of my articles, and I hope 2009 will be all that you want it to be and more. Have a great year!


Author's Note: Sources: http://pediatrics.about.com/od/parentingadvice/a/06_kid_resolutn.htm


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