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Interview With a Vampire?

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The Times Editor does so much for the community of Whyville; she spreads the art of writing and therefore learning. But she is somewhat a mystery to most of us. I've been wondering about a few questions and I thought it was about time that I put this article into action! The Times Editor is the City Worker that we have contact with on a regular basis; her job is unique and I think that we should recognize that she puts a lot of work into the Times for US. I asked general everyday questions to political questions. I really tried to make it enjoyable for everyone to read because it is a bit lengthy.

Kindell: What is your favorite color?
Times Editor: Green, all shades, but my favorite is sage. My bedroom is sage green, brown and white. It is very earthy and soothing.

Kindell: What city do you live in?
Times Editor: I think the city is a bit too personal to reveal, but I live in the state of Virginia.

Kindell: How did you get a job at Whyville?
Times Editor: I got a job working for Whyville while I was in college at UCLA. I was working through the summer and was not getting enough hours to pay the rent. So, I asked around for anyone that knew of a part-time job I could do to help supplement my income. My boss introduced me to her friend who worked for Whyville and said they were hiring. Of course I was immediately excited. At the time I had never heard of Whyville, but I went on the website and was hooked. I was inspired to have the chance to be a part of something so great. When I was in my interview, it was originally for a City Management position. But after talking with who would become my boss, he realized I had a great background for the Times Editor and that they were indeed hiring for that position as well. He asked me if I would be interested in that instead, and of course I accepted.

Kindell: What attracted you to the TE position?
Times Editor:I was attracted to the idea of working with citizens around the world and reading everyone's articles to see what they had to say. I was also excited to help writers grow and become a part of the Times. When I joined there were already many famous writers, so it was definitely intimidating. Everyone loved the old Editor, so there was a lot to live up to, but I was excited to take on the challenge. Our newspaper is so special, in that it gives you a voice that can be heard around the world. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

Kindell: What is your favorite song?
Times Editor: That's a tough one. I really don't think I could narrow it down to one. It is always changing, depending on what mood I am in or what I am going through in my life. Right now, I love the song "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz because my boyfriend played it for me in the car one day. We just saw him in concert, and he was great!

Kindell: What is your favorite band?
Times Editor: Again, that's a tough one. I don't know if I could limit it to one. My dad just got me Blood, Sweat and Tears for Christmas, they are pretty great! I also love Chicago.

Kindell: Have you ever been to a foreign country and if so where?
Times Editor: I have been to Canada and Mexico. I've been to Niagra Falls and Toronto in Canada, and Ensenada in Mexico.

Kindell: Are you conservative or liberal in terms of politics?
Times Editor: I consider myself a moderate. I am not registered to a specific party nor do I vote straight down party lines.

Kindell: Are you pro-choice or pro-life (meaning towards abortion)?
Times Editor: I'm both in a way. I'm pro-life in some situations, and pro-choice in others. In the case of rape or that the mother's life is in danger, I can sympathize with pro-choice supporters and understand where they are coming from. But, if it is just a situation where someone accidentally ends up pregnant, and does not want to be, then I agree with pro-life supporters. We must take responsibility for our actions, and if you are mature enough to have sex with someone, then you need to be mature enough to deal with the consequences, which could be becoming pregnant. It is never an easy situation, so there's no way we can judge someone if we don't know exactly what they are going through. And if someone is considering an abortion, then it is apparent to me that they need understanding and help, and also encouragement to know that it can work out and not to think abortion is the only way out.

Kindell: Do you have any kids if so what are their ages?
Times Editor: No, not yet, but someday if I'm lucky :). I was one of three, so I'd like to have three kids myself.

Kindell: Do you have any pets if so what are their names?
Times Editor: A cat named Godiva. I rescued her from the pound. She was sick and curled up in the back of the cage. But she had the most beautiful dark brown coat (that's now black), and shining green eyes; I had to take her home. I love her very much. She's purring in my ear right now :). Here's a picture of her. Smile Godiva!

Kindell: What are your favorite places to shop at?
Times Editor: I love Walmart and Target, because they are one-stop shopping places, where you can get everything you need. I think the majority of my clothes are from there, and I love picking up things for my apartment.

Kindell: What are your hobbies?
Times Editor: I love playing sports; this fall I played wiffleball and next summer I'll play kickball. I love making short films. I also take a lot of pictures and enjoy making albums. And of course, writing.

Kindell: What religion do you believe in?
Times Editor: Christianity

Kindell: What is your favorite book?
Times Editor: I'm reading the "Twilight" series right now, mainly because of all of the articles, and am really enjoying those. I finally made it to the last one, "Breaking Dawn" and am getting really into it! It is hard to say what my favorite book is, because I've read so many, but anything in the fantasy genre is my favorite.

Kindell: What is your favorite video game?
Times Editor: Either Zelda or Super Mario Galaxy for Wii.

Kindell: What is your favorite board game/card game?
Times Editor: Life for board game, pinochle for card game.

Kindell: What is your favorite movie?
Times Editor: Casablanca. I love old movies! There's just something about the craftsmanship that went into filmmaking back in the day. There are so many memorable lines in that movie, I don't have time to say them all. But, my favorite is definitely, "Here's looking at you kid".

Kindell: Do you support gay marriage/rights?
Times Editor: Wow, this is about to get controversial :) . Yes, I believe that homosexual people should have the right to be married. In the end, the argument comes down to semantics, and what the word "marriage" in a legal sense really means. To different religions, it may have different requirements, but to the government it is a legal binding of assets and lives. Personally, I believe marriage is when two people make a promise to love and honor each other forever. Those two people can be man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman, but the commitment they make and love they have is all the same. I personally want to be married by a minister in the church, because I have been raised Christian and want to make that promise in front of God. However, not everyone shares my religious beliefs, so I should not ban them from sharing in such a blessing.

Kindell: How do you describe yourself? (i.e. outgoing, shy, charismatic)
Times Editor: I am outgoing, yet reserved in new situations. I talk a lot and have many opinions, but still consider myself a good listener. I am extremely loyal and will always stand by my family and friends.

Kindell: Referring to the question above, were you the same when you were younger or did you grow into the personality you have now?
Times Editor: I have definitely grown quite a bit in the past few years. I used to be more judgmental and close-minded. But my own struggles have opened my eyes to what others have gone through and I am more understanding now. I was probably more outgoing and care-free when I was younger, simply because I hadn't been through the things I have been through now at this stage in my life. Now I am a bit more cautious with my choices but still like to have fun. My loyalty to friends and family has been tested, and I've always stayed strong.

Kindell: In high school what did you envision as being your perfect job?
Times Editor: A filmmaker. I love the idea of taking a story and bringing it to life. If it was only that simple . . . the dream job in reality is never what you imagined it to be. For those of you who are over 13, I worked on a movie last year called Fired Up, which is coming out in March (the trailer played during the previews of "Twilight"). We were working 14 hours a day for 3 months during production. It was an amazing experience, but after being a part of that world for awhile, I realized it wasn't right for me. Perhaps one day I'll write an article about my experiences in Hollywood. But, I really like what I do right now, which is an Assistant Broadcast Producer for an Ad Agency. I am producing commercials, and while it isn't as excited as making movies, it is still very rewarding and I am challenged and inspired every day. I still get to use the skills I learned in college, and am around creative people who I truly admire.

Kindell: What is you favorite type of food?
Times Editor: Mexican, more specifically, tacos!

Kindell: Do you think America should be in the war that is in right now?
Times Editor: I think the answer to that question is a lot more complicated than I could ever understand. I think the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein. I also think the terror that has resulted because of his capture and death is horrible. We're in the war, so that's not going to change. Arguing about whether or not we should be there in the first place isn't going to fix anything. I think the most important question is when and how do we end it? I have friends who are soldiers in Iraq, and they know what they are doing and why they are there. They see a positive change and are thanked by the citizens every day for what they do. However, the innocent lives that have been lost are horrible. And if we left today, would those deaths be in vain? Or do we need to stick it out until everything is solved? To be honest, I'm still waiting for the perfect answer to that question.

Kindell: Do you have a favorite restaurant if so what is it?
Times Editor: The Mexico Restaurant. I've been going there with my family and friends for years, they make the best shrimp quesadillas. And once I turned 21, it became the regular spot for margaritas with my girlfriends.

Kindell: Do you have a special memory from when you were growing up that was a deciding point in your life?
Times Editor: I went on a missions trip with my church my sophomore year of high school. We flew into Los Angeles and then were going to drive down to Mexico. My youth leader was a baseball player for UCLA so he wanted us to see the campus. The second we got there, I knew that was where I belonged. There was something magical about Westwood and UCLA. I decided I wanted to go there, but had a hard job ahead of me in that I was out-of-state. I worked extremely hard for the next 2 years and was admitted. My decision to go there changed my life as I know it.

Kindell: Do you have a favorite superhero?
Times Editor: I loved the show "Duck Tales" growing up, so does Scrooge count as a superhero?

Kindell: The best question ever: Ninjas or Pirates?
Times Editor: I'm not sure about either . . . both are pretty violent for me! But, I did love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Kindell: Have you read the "Twilight" series, like the majority of the world?
Times Editor: I finally got to "Breaking Dawn". The Twilight movie was absolutely horrible, I was embarrassed for the cast while I was watching it. The cheesy lines that worked in the book, did not translate well in the movie. The book was definitely a lot better. I might be a harsh judge because I studied filmmaking in college. I even got to hear Catherine Hardwicke (the director) as a guest speaker once. Some of her previous work is a lot better, but for some reason this movie just fell short for me.

Kindell: Favorite actress?
Times Editor: Right now . . . Anne Hathaway. From the past, Ingrid Bergman.

Kindell: Favorite actor?
Times Editor: Right now . . . Leonardo DiCaprio. From the past, Humphrey Bogart.

Kindell: What is your favorite thing to wear, it makes you giddy inside and makes you want to take on the world? (Explain it please.)
Times Editor: My graduation ring. My mom and dad picked it out for me. It is aquamarine and diamonds. It was an old estate ring that they found on sale. I love it because of its history. I imagine all of the women who have worn it, and wonder where they have been and who they were. I never leave home without it on my finger.

Kindell: Do you know a foreign language and can you speak it fluently?
Times Editor: I can speak Spanish, but not fluently.

Kindell: Was this interview entertaining for you to answer? :)
Times Editor: Yes, it was fun to share a bit more about myself. I know that people think I am heartless and strict. But, I do the best job I can do. And on the other side of the computer is a person who laughs, cries, loves, and hurts just like anyone else. I will always be honest with you and the rest of Whyville. Anything else you want to know, just ask!

So, what do you think guys? Have you learned more about the mysterious Times Editor. I know I have. When she was hired many people were upset because of Bigfoot leaving and I think that may have caused us to judge her. Now I see her as a person and not a superior to me or anyone else. It seems like she's very down to earth and loving. She does so much for us and now I fully understand how much.



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