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We all know winter brings a lot of challenges for us. Dry skin, cracked lips, and brittle hair seem to never end during the freezing conditions. Well, it's not just the weather, guys. It's us, too! We are committing the evil beauty habits that give us the dry skin, cracked lips, and brittle hair of the season. Don't fret, though. I'm giving you more beauty tips to undo the evil!

DON'T you dare lick your lips.

We all do it, I'm guilty as well. But, when you lick your lips, you are making your lips more dry and cracked! How? Your saliva dries much faster than water or lip balm does, causing more cracks and possibly bleeding! On top of that, it can cause bad breath! Sick, I know.

DO use a natural lip balm.

Carry it with you at all times. If you add SPF, that's even better! Balms with SPF of 15 or more will protect your lips (preventing cancer!) and will save them from becoming cracked, bloody, and just plain gross. Vaseline works best for me, try it!

Good brands? Vaseline, Burt's Bees, ChapStick with SPF 15, and Avon.

DON'T pick up your reindeer sweater.

It may be fashionable to you, but it's drying out your skin. Fabrics like wool and other mystery fabrics are itchy and dry out your skin faster than the winter cold. Crazy, I know.

DO wear cotton fabrics, and lots of them.

Cotton doesn't dry out your skin, isn't itchy, and is organic. And, bundle up! You can't take off your reindeer sweater during school, but you can take off a cotton scarf without drying out your skin. If you HAVE to wear your reindeer sweater, make sure you lotion up before and after. Then hide the evil thing from your mom.

DON'T hop into a steaming shower or bath.

This is the worst one! I know it's cold outside, but you don't need a sauna in your bathroom. The hot water washes out important oils and nutrients in your skin and hair. That's what makes your hair brittle and your skin desert dry! It takes a few days for the oils and nutrients to reappear in your hair and skin. So, if you are taking a steaming shower every night, you are drying yourself out double time! After a few washes with steaming water, the oils and nutrients will become so used to the heat, they will come back twice as hard! Meaning, you will have greasy hair and skin. Gross!

DO take a warm shower or bath.

No steam! If there is steam on the mirror, the water is too warm. If you insist on have a steaming shower, be warned for brittle hair and dry skin the first night. Then, greasy hair and skin the next time you dry off! (Sounds like lots of pimples to me.)

DON'T grab the same shampoo.

Sounds odd, I know. Did you know your hair becomes used to the shampoo you use regularly, making it less effective? I sure didn't. Your hair starts to go against your favorite hair product!

DO switch up your shampoo.

Your hair will become effective to the shampoos again after you give them a break. If you use shampoo with shine for a week, then softening the next, you will get both shampoos in your hair! And don't worry, it won't throw you over budget. You'll buy shampoo at the same rate, you'll just have to remember which ones you need.

DON'T shy away from water.

When it's cold, we tend to switch to hot cocoa and coffee to warm ourselves up. Well, surprise surprise, 60% of winter colds are brought on by dehydration.

DO drink lots of water.

Water does so much for us! It strengthens our immune systems and moisturizes us inside and out. If you drink more water, you won't have to lotion up as much! And, you will be stronger when fighting off those winter colds. Who cares if the water is cold? I'd rather be sledding than sitting on the couch! (Refer to article #9330 is you need some reassurance on the importance of water!)

I really hope I've opened your eyes to the evil beauty tips we all commit! Share them with your friends to save them from committing them, too.

Saving you from the EEEvilll,


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