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Running: Part 4

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Author's Note: This part is actually one of the best. Lots of explaining, great events. If you've read the whole series, you'll absolutely enjoy this part.

Finally, I could take advantage of my inheritance. Grandma left me her property up in the woods, fully furnished. Maybe there I could get my head on straight and find clues about the loss of the love of my life. "Hurry up and leave already. My sister wants your room very badly," Gisselle said angrily. "Whatever. Don't rush me, I'm leaving," I shouted back. She grimaced and walked back into the house as I put the last of my things into my trunk. "Good riddance," She said, thinking I couldn't hear. "I'm glad I'm out of here, too. I don't have to hear your nagging," I shouted back, emphasizing the word 'nagging.' Suddenly, a box flew out the door and caught my attention quite quickly. In one fluid movement, I moved to the side and caught the box. "Letters from him before all of this," She spat angrily. I smiled. "Hiding things doesn't hide true love." I slid into my car and whipped down the road, watching Gisselle get smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror.

When I reached the woods, I smiled softly. I could go to the cliff and to the clearing without worrying about the police coming to find me again. I felt like someone was in the car with me, but it was only me and my Evanescence CD. I shuttered and pulled in front of the large estate, grabbing a bag as I put the car in park. I ran up to the house and fiddled with the door. Odd, it was already unlocked. I stepped into the house and locked the door behind me. A light was on upstairs. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a pan, walking up the stairs quite slowly as to not make a noise. "Monique Duval, put that down," a voice echoed from the master bedroom as I was halfway up the stairs. I froze at the familiarity of the voice. "Who are you?" I managed to say, putting on the bravest front I could. "Adrian. Now put down that pan and come up here." Adrian stepped out of the room, arms open wide. I squealed happily as I ran full speed up the stairs, making him crash against the wall behind him. "Monique! If you could kill me, you would have just done it," Adrian laughed as he held me in his arms. "Why on earth are you so freezing?" I asked him as I pulled away enough to look at him. "I'll explain later," Adrian sighed. I could already tell this was a long story. He gently moved his hand beneath my chin and kissed me, catching me off guard. Suddenly, I saw everything. Adrian proposed to me, Marina and Gisselle pushed him off a cliff, and I slowly died alone in this house. "You already saw it, didn't you?" Adrian asked me, startled by my sudden jumping. "Yes. I'll still need the explanation of why you and I are here," I whispered while tears streamed freely down my cheeks. "Don't cry." Adrian wiped my tears away and gently pulled me into the room.

I sat on the bed, not breathing, not moving, not doing anything but listening. "Your mother should have realized you can take the body of anybody else and live again, morphing into yourself again and again. But, you didn't this time. You stayed dead and came right back to life. And then you brought me back. Finally, they decided it was too risky keeping your memories, they implanted a few false ones to keep you sidetracked. They would have implanted you and I breaking apart, but you ran off into the woods and kept running even after I tried to call you," Adrian said, looking down the whole time. "You're lucky. You're on the brink of life and death. I'm full out gone. If I leave these woods, I'll simply vanish. No trace of me left behind but the memories of people that knew me and of course my grave." I stared at Adrian, unbelieving. "So this is why you've been gone. I thought you were lost forever, but here you are. Together forever, who would have thought?" I whispered, gently grasping Adrian's hand. "You and forever are a bad combination, you won't mix. You'll die eventually, and you won't come back this time. Unless you suffer the same fate you suffered the last time," Adrian said reluctantly. "You were the love of my life, but I won't allow you to be the love of my death. When you die, I'm following closely behind, I'm leaving these woods. There is no way I'll allow you to kill yourself to be mine." Adrian seemed to read the look in my eyes. "I'm not leaving, I'm staying here with you," I whispered as Adrian lifted into the air and out the window. "You come back here!" I scrambled to the window and jumped, taking flight and grabbing on tightly to Adrian's wrist. "There is no way that you're going anywhere without me. You're my other half. If you leave I promise you that I'll become what you don't want me to," I threatened. He smiled and lowered to the ground. "You're as stubborn as you always were. Of course, I won't allow you to become too stubborn. That might just kill me, which is highly impossible." I ju st glared at him as the rain poured over us.

"Would you like to dance? I hope you still like dancing in the rain, that used to be your favorite activity," Adrian said as he held out his hand. "I can't stay mad at you," I laughed as I took his hand.

About an hour later, we walked back into my mansion and up the stairs. "I'm so glad I can't get sick, I don't have to change my clothes. You, on the other hand, should probably go change. Your heart beats once every two minutes, and your body heat isn't much. I doubt you'll freeze to death, but I'll feel much better if you changed," Adrian said as he picked me up and threw me into the bathroom. "I can still feel pain!" I cried out as I hit the floor. He laughed loudly. "I'm sorry! I forget you're still dying." I walked out of the bathroom, still in my wet clothes, and frowned. "You know, love, I didn't like that one bit," I said as I felt an impish grin spread across my face. "Oh, please don't do what I think you're going to!" Adrian backed up and held up his hands in surrender. "Not a chance! I may have been your cheerleader but now I'm on the line," I said as I lunged from the top of the stairs and tackled him to the ground. "I felt that," Adrian said seriously as he picked me up and threw me out the front door. I took flight before I hit the ground and flew back into the house, ramming into him full force. "Alright, Monique! You win!" Adrian laughed as he pulled me back down to the ground.

Adrian was just laying in the bed with his arms behind his head. Suddenly, his arm moved over my waist and a smile spread across his beautiful face. "I do love you," Adrian whispered to me, "Despite the time we spent apart." "And I love you."

Death didn't seem all that bad. But how to expose Marina and Gisselle . . .


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