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The Adventures of Scargo the Snail: Part 2

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Welcome back Whyvillians! Last week, I introduced you to the sumptuous snail, our hero, Scargo. He lived in Kuala Lumpar and had somehow managed to pilot the Warp Wagon to Whyville where he found CHAOS!!! Lost and not knowing what to do, all he could do was sit down and cry. But, as all good stories end, this one needs a conclusion

Now, over in Sector Y, a frankly revolting revolter was trying out their new legs. They'd already mastered walking and decided that the next step was rollerskating. This was a surprisingly clumsy citizen and they'd hardly stood up on the skates when they fell into the pile of dirt and into the disco. They hadn't done up the laces so the rollerskates went FLYING! One of the skates landed in the beach and was stolen by a crab in the Sea Cove. Can you guess where the other landed? Yes! Thanks to a divine GPS installed in the wheels, one of them landed in front of poor Scargo. Now the speedy Snail could get anywhere in a fraction of a second.

As he stood pondering what to do, he noticed something peculiar. The petrol that was dripping out of the Warp Wagon was not petrol at all! It was little bits of code. Binary, SQL, HTML and Javascript - it was all there!!! Whyville was run on code! Now, it's a little known fact but snails are absolutely fantastic computer programmers. In fact, when coolethan was learning how to code things she was taught by a woman called Professor Sally Nail. All Scargo had to do was find the code-centre. He skated along to City Hall to get his first clue where a group of heroic Whyvillians were defending the Newbie Center which was under siege. Luckily, as he was so tiny, Scargo was able to skate underneath the door where the Whyvillians had hundreds of thousands of spare copies of the Whyville Times piled up against the door. A Y-Helper was pacing the room.

"We can't stop them for long!" she cried. "I mean, Thank god Giggler01 wrote so many articles in time but . . . AAAAHHH!!!" she screamed.

"What is it?" another interjected.

"There's a snail there . . . on rollerskates . . . waving at me," she gasped.

"Are you sure the stress is just not getting to," he said, suddenly noticing Scargo there on the floor. The Y-helper picked him up and held him up to his eye.

"You've got to help me" Scargo shouted, impressively loud for a snail. "The only way you can save um . . . here is to find the code and reset it to YESTERDAY's data back up." The Y-helpers thought for a while until suddenly a lightbulb appeared above one's head.

"The City Workers hid the coding center underneath the newbie pamphlets," and immediately she ran to the newbie pamphlets and unveiled the secret code underneath. "But none of us know how to code." The Y-helpers, previously having looked excited now looked miserable and glum once more.

"Right, just put me on top of the code-box and I'll sort it out." Scargo said, firmly. On top of the code, he grinned and got out his coding-fork and started finding the back up. "Okay, everyone, we're going to go into the past in T minus 5 . . . 4,". Everyone grabbed on to the newbie desk and prayed. "3 . . . 2 . . ." The excess Times issues started to wobble. "1 . . ." As the newspapers fell to the floor and revolters rushed in, they were transported back, with the power of coding magic, back to the previous day.


And Whyville was back to normal. A brave wagonneer went to go and pick up the City Workers and order was restored. But unlike those silly movies where they go back in time and everyone forgets everything, all Whyvillians remembered what Scargo had done and a party was held in his honor in Sportzplatz.

And that is the story of Scargo the Snail . . .



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