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Obsession Much?

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Dior on my face and Uggs on my feet, I strut down the streets of Hollywood Blvd. The names on the sidewalk are my best friends and favorite enemies. As I turn the corner, I walk into a high end store. Like a queen, I conquer the room with a glass of champagne as people try on diamond stilettos. I'm not ashamed of the bright lights. I'm sure I will look wonderful on the cover of any magazine. Take my picture, darling. I know you are celebrity obsessed.

It seems like everywhere I turn there is a picture of some celebrity doing something. I turn the pages of Us magazine today in extreme irritation. I'm sorry, but, the obsession we've created seems rather ridiculous to me. One question, please, "Why do we care?!"

What's so great about celebrities? Yes, most of them are unnaturally way too gorgeous for their own good. They are great to stare at, but that's my only reason. "Well, I'm going to marry Zach Efrignogbuh!" Good imagination! But seriously, what are the chances that you will meet him, become best friends, and then marry him? It's never going to happen! So why do we post them on our walls and obsess over them? Please let me know.

"But, Taffii, they are super human!" Think again. These people are humans, just as we are. So what if they walk their dogs and clean up after them? Seriously though, that was in a recent magazine. Paris Hillybanilly walked her dog and cleaned up after him. Shocking! Sorry, but, it is not shocking at all; not to me anyway.

Britney Spoobadooda is on the cover of Us magazine! Yippidy doo. My mom and countless others buy out the magazine section of stores just to get their "celeb obsession fix" for the week. Why? Again, I'm not so sure. I really don't care about what's-her-face and her BFF Jill, Mom -- so stop telling me about it.

Sorry Whyville for my ranting. But, I want to question our habits. Don't you want to read about something non-celebrity? Well, I want to pick up a magazine that is good! I don't want to read about Efrignogbuh, Hillybanilly, Spoobadooda, and her BFF Jill. I want to read about people who actually do something. I want to read about people who volunteer and help organizations -- the interesting people. I don't want to read about the ones with Dior on their faces and Uggs on their feet. What's the point of reading about them anyway?

Why have we become so celebrity obsessed? We worry about celebrities more than our own lives! The news is about Madonna's love interest and not the other problems that our world is facing! Again, "Why do we care?!"

I know not ALL celebrities use their fame and money for Dior and Uggs. There are some great examples of celebrities who aren't obsessed with themselves and material things. Good for them, I guess. But, there are very few who became "popular" because they actually did something good.

If you happen to make a magazine someday, here's a suggestion: I want to read about people, not celebrities! I want to read about the good and the bad of normal people. Don't say I want a perfect hunky doory world, either, because I don't. I just want to read about people who have a real reason to be talked about. I want to read about you and me. People that I could "meet, become best friends with, and marry" instead of obsess over. And mark my words, if my mom keeps talking about the celebrities in Us magazine, I'm going to *********!

"Then read a magazine like that, Taffii!" Well, when I find one, I will. I'm really not trying to be rude. I want to make you think about your habits. It's much more than a magazine.

So let me know, Whyville. Take a breather and think. What's the point of celebrity obsession?

I'm questioning our habits. Are you?


Editor's Note: Thank you Taffii for this article. I think it is an important subject, that has become even more noticeable in the recent years. I'd like to ask someone to write a follow up article on the social and economic effects this phenomenon has. With the paparazzi at an all-time high, and shows like "Access Hollywood" and "Entertainment Tonight", what does that mean for us as a society and the people we "obsess over". Are Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan innocent in all of this, or did they get what they asked for? Is our obsession actually helping the economy by keeping people employed and selling magazines? Do we obsess out of jealousy, pure curiosity, or as a reason to escape our own lives? These are hard and interesting questions, that would make for a great article.

Also, if you would like to read a more "serious" magazine, I suggest "Time" or "National Geographic". Those have both been around for years, and are obviously doing something right. Or, if you like entertainment news, but not all the celebrity gossip, try "People" or "Entertainment Weekly". While those are not completely devoid of celebrity gossip and pictures, they do tend to focus on the news of the industry.


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