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You tell me you have bad news.
I sit and wait for the words.
I start to cry as I hear what you say.
I never wanted you to leave,
Deli, You were everything to me.

Like an older brother,
But listening like a friend.
You were always there,
I guess this is the end.

Now that you're gone,
I'll live my life on.
But I'll never forget
Those times I'll won't regret.

Every time I see Starbucks on my way to school,
Deli, I'll think of you.

Every time I pass a sign that says "Deli,"
Deli, I'll think of you.

When I'm in New York on my trip next year,
I'll be thinking of you.

Whenever I turn my iPod on and look at my pictures,
Deli, I'll think of you.

Every time I hear that song,
Deli, I'll think of you.

Deli, you're still that older brother to me.
And Deli, I still love you.
Please don't forget me as you go on.
I'll remember you,
How could I not?

Deli I'll miss you.
So goodbye.
Possibly forever.

Author's Note: He may never get to read this, but I miss him already. I love you Deli. Until the very end. I will until the sun falls down. I'll love you until this world explodes. Losing you is like losing an older brother, and a great friend. You were there, and this is the very end . . .


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