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Living With a Baby

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I was literally shocked when I heard my mom was expecting a baby! My first reaction was "You are lying!" Gladly my mom wasn't mad I called her a liar. She told me it was true. I wanted a sister really bad, but there were some things I wasn't so sure about.

First of all, I couldn't make sure it was a girl. Second of all, I would continually hear unexpected screams through out the day. I would have to get used to that! Then my mom would be a lot busier than usual. Usually when that happens she's a bit cranky. Dealing with a cranky mom is a lot to expect from a child. I would have to help around with the baby a lot more too.

Also I would always have cereal in the morning so my "milk needs" would probably explode! I'd probably look in the fridge for milk and there would be none when we bought some 2 days ago! Then also the "beautiful" smell of diapers! I would probably find 20 diapers dumped into the trashcan when I would have to go throw something away!

Then I'd have to deal with all the mushy gushy stuff my parents would say to the baby. I'd lose all the attention they gave to their "precious" child, which would be me. I'd probably find them cuddling the baby and saying, "Oh, you wittle, thing, you are so cute!" Though babies are cute, and could probably bring some humor to my life when he/she does something funny!

Then unexpectedly, the day came. I was so excited! I had to stay at my cousin's house, which wasn't the best experience! My cousins are sort of wild and one of them was wrestling with my brother. Then my dad came and I finally got to go see the baby!

She was a girl! Yahoo!! I felt sorry for my brother though since he wanted a boy (not really though ). She was very cute and I was hoping for the best when they brought her home. Almost everything I excepted to happen happened.

You have to learn a few things when a baby is living in your house! You're not really supposed to hurt the baby in the slightest way. Baby's are very sensitive! Don't leave your things around a baby because he/she might end up swallowing those things and that would be bad for you and the baby. You lose your precious toy and are guilty for what happened and the baby is choking on a miniature thing that he/she has no idea what it is.

Don't ever shake a baby and get frustrated with him/her because that's bad for his/her brain. If a baby is crying do NOT try to suffocate him/her! That once happened to my cousin, his sister was tired of the screaming and shoved and pillow in his face, but luckily he was okay. Don't try to carry a baby when an adult isn't around. Baby's are supposed to taken care of with an adult.

I am allowed to carry my sister and I know exactly how to carry her! She sometimes frustrates me, but she IS my sister!

That's all for the advice and my baby sister. If you have a baby sister y-mail me for more advice!



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