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Meet the Whyville Staff:

Times Editor: Times Editor

Times Media Writer: MediaWiz

Contributing Editors from City Management: jen, superid, City Hall and HumHumOne

The above people are adults who work for Numedeon, Inc., the company that runs Whyville.

Times Writers: Note: This list is not necessarily complete, and is in no particular order. Being a Times Writer now does not mean you'll be one forever -- you've got to keep up the high standards that got you your title in the first place!

  • JasmineK
  • Giggler01
  • BabyPowdr
  • Amanda
  • Alicia
  • shelly1
  • Hermionez
  • Timantha
  • Twigsy
  • Tech-Girl
  • Naarf
  • Moonshell

In coming up with this list, I (the Times Editor) realized just how many folks are so close to becoming Times Writers, folks who have sent in a series of good pieces but I just need to see one or two more widely-ranging, well-thought out articles before granting them the title of Times Writer. Just wanted to mention that to encourage those of you who feel like you're on the cusp of becoming a Writer -- you probably are! Don't give up hope! Send us your very best, and keep hoping! Such is the plight of the writer...

Times Writers are regular, every-day citizens who write high quality articles for the Whyville Times on a regular basis. Their stories cover a wide range of topics, especially focusing on science and help articles, as well as sincere, thought-out opinion pieces, political analyses, and good poetry.

Times Writers get no special attention, special treatment, or special clams. They're just such consistent, quality reporters that we want to acknowledge them with this title. In the future, there will be more authors' titles, starting with Whyville Reporters -- distinguished writers who focus on the latest news in Whyville and out -- and the Veteran Writer -- Whyvillians who have written for the Times for many years, but might not submit consistently enough to be named a Times Writer anymore.

Anyone can become a Times Writer! Go to the front page of the paper and look for the link to "SUBMIT" your best works today!

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