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Dance and earn!

Care for your own pets!

Give or get a makeover!

Start Saving Today!

Start Building Today!

Akbar's Face Mall

Shop till you drop for Whyville's latest fashions!

Trading Post

Trade and buy items with other Whyvillians!


Get a pile of pearls to use all Whyville's newest features.


Need free face parts? Grandma's got some for you.


Open a savings account and put your clams to work for you!

Club Scion

Buy your own Scion and accessories, too!

Mimi's Dance Studio

Boogie away: Buy a dance or create your own!

Pet Store

WhyPets -- own and care for your own furry friend.

Furniture Farm

Deck out your pad with furnishings from the Farm!


Got the sniffles? The Pharmacy has what you need!

Projectile Shoppe

Stock up on stuff to throw at your friends!

Gift Certificate

Give the gift of Pearls to your favorite Whyvillian!

Baron von Builder's Assemblage

Buy plane parts to build planes and make big clams!

Chat Candy

Customize the colors of your chat bubble!


Stop by for lunch or invite your friends to a banquet!

Style Studio

Give or get a makeover!

Face Factory

Design face parts with a face factory voucher.

Brick Emporium

Shop for all your needs for building your house!

-- For more games to play, click on your Salary Ledger in the Top Tool Bar. --