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Writers For Whyville

Extra! Extra! Read all about it... Whyville has its very own journalism award!

The Whylitzer Prize is awarded for articles about Whyville written by our citizens and published in a magazine or newspaper other than the Whyville Times. Some examples are: a school newspaper or a community magazine, a school or church website, an on-line newspaper or newsletter, an e-zine, or a blog.

The reward for such a distinguished accomplishment is:
  • A free one-month Why-Pass
  • 1,000 clams
  • The special Whylitzer Quill face part, which, while worn on your avatar, allows you to chat in different colors

How might you win this award? It is actually quite simple! All you have to do is write an article about our glorious town and get it published in your school newspaper, local paper, community or church newsletter, or magazine. When you fax in your school newspaper (or whatever publication your article appears in) to prove that your article has been published, you'll be the proud winner of a Whylitzer! Our fax number is (650) 227-2349.

NOTE: You may only win a Whylitzer once every 4 months. Thanks!

Email proof to:

or Mail to:
300 S. Raymond Avenue
Suite 7
Pasadena, CA 91105

Here are some ideas on what you can write about:

  • Your first experience of Whyville.
  • Your typical day in Whyville.
  • An introduction to one of Whyville's many games or activities. Perhaps your favorite?
  • Our newest programs and how they have changed Whyville.
  • A live event that happened in the Greek Theater (preferably one that you've been to!)
  • Whyville fashion, including Akbar's, designing, and shopping in the Face Mall.
  • Your experiences with WhyPox.
  • The Senate Race, and what opportunities it can bring for change.
  • Your favorite chat rooms (North Beach, South, or some other spot?)
The possibilities are endless! Not only is this a great way to gain recognition among your Whyville peers, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about our unique community. So get out there, write an article for your school, local newspaper or magazine and win yourself a Whylitzer!

For interesting facts or screenshots you can use in your article, visit the links below.

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