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Kalah Instructions

You need 2 players to play Kalah. Move your avatar in between the crocodiles to play.

Each small pit starts with 4 seeds. The object is to get the most seeds into your store, which is the big cup at each end of the board.

To play, you click on a pit on your side of the board containing seeds. The seeds will be removed from that cup and placed, one each, into the neighboring cups in a counter-clockwise direction.

If the last seed falls into your store, you get to take another turn.

If the last seed falls into an empty pit on your side of the board, you put that seed into your store and you get to put all the seeds in the opponent's cup opposite your cup into your store too.

When a move ends and all the pits on one player's side are empty, the player who still has seeds in his pits gets to take all the remaining seeds in his pits and place them in his store. Then, the seeds in each store are counted to see who wins.