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Training a WhyPet

As a pet owner, it's not only your responsibility to train your pet, it's also a great way to have fun with your pet. First, see what natural behaviors your pet has by watching it play in a chat room. There's a different animation for each behavior, and you can train your pet to do any one of its natural behaviors at your command.

When you're ready to train your WhyPet, chat "pet" plus the command you want it to learn. It can be any word you want! Pets learn by associating your command with a certain behavior, but it likely won't understand what you're trying to say on its first try. When your pet does perform your command correctly (for example, sitting when you say "pet sit"), reward it by giving it a treat (chat "pet treat" if it's your only pet out, or the name of your pet, then "treat" if you have more than one pet out.)

Treating your pet lets it know it performed the right action, so reward your pet every time it does what you ask. You'll need to be patient and practice a number of times. If you train carefully, you should be able to train your pet with five treats or so. Once your pet has been successfully trained, its new skill will be listed on its Pet Certificate.

Make sure you have treats, or this won't work! You can buy treats at the Pet Store for Pearls.

Tip: Want to know all the possible ways you can train your pet? Check out the Pets FAQ on the next page!

Once your pet has been successfully trained, its new skill will be listed on its Pet Certificate.