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Neon Damselfish
Pomacentrus coelestis
7 cm

Where Neon Damselfish are found. Map from GBIF.
Count Log
You have not counted me yet. Visit the South Reef or North Reef , grab a tricoder, and click on me!

Encyclopedia of Life
Visit this species on the Encyclopedia of Life to find out more!
I spend my days feeding with my friends and darting in and out of coral. When we are young, we will stay around Fire coral for protection. As we get older, our schools grow in size and we will swim over all our favorite parts of the reef.
Fun Facts
You will always see me on your dive because I a really common fish on the reef. I am a small and I swim in large groups, called schools. I swim in schools for protection; there is safety in numbers! This means I am less likely to be eaten if I am in a big group than if I was alone.
My favorite thing to eat is turf algae! Turf algae is a bunch of different types of algae (like green, red and brown) living together. It is delicious! I only eat plants, so I am an herbivore.
Reefs are in danger, and that means so is my home!